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Those who live alone are in a pitiful position because they do not know

True Love1

When we seek for absolute Love we will surely encounter it in the realm of True Love 2

No matter how many relationships we may have, we need to seek for absolute and unchanging Love3

we all

can learn to speak the language of True LoveRegardless of our background4

True Love is a much deeper realm than the experience of the Love a person experiences when he or she falls in Love for the first time5

We want to possess True Love because then we will own

the most precious value in the universe6

Whether we have become owners of True Love or not matters more than any other considerations in life7

True Love moves us to invest wholeheartedly for the sake of bringing about true unification and harmony among all people living on our planet 8

The day will come when all people live in a realm of having overwhelming experiences of True Love 9

Once we know the value of True Love we are willing to sacrifice everything to know this priceless treasure and to make it our own10

Similarly to the wellbeing of the whole body taking priority over individual organs

it is the

principle of True Love that the individual sacrifices or the sake of the whole, for the greater purpose of the higher entity 11

The most central value is True Love

and therefore the practice of True Love should be our very first priority among all the things we aspire in life12

When we have become one with True Love we will never be satisfied with anything less.

We will strive to preserve this realm eternally13

It is the nature of True Love to be primarily concerned about the wellbeing of the object of ones Love rather than ones own enjoyment14

True Love gives us the strength to love people even to a greater extent than we would our own children or parents15

Living and breathing True Love should be a natural part and really the essence of our life16

There is no greater or more meaningful ideology than the one which is based on True Love17

Irrespective of the way True L O V E is expressed or articulated it will always be welcome

because of its inner quality18

The standard of True Love is characterized by the desire to invest, forget what was given and invest anew because of the longing to see other people happy19

The truth of True Love is that it grows larger and stronger

the more it is given20

Once we have entered the realm of True Love we will never want to leave from there because it represents the safest way to ensure lasting happiness21