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True Love acts swiftly because it is absolutely dedicated to the happiness of the beloved1

The practice of T r u e L o v e as the basic principle of natural law is also the essential key to experience utmost fulfilment2

Becoming an owner of True Love can never be accomplished by a lone individual being.

It can only be accomplished in relation to an object partner 3

True Love has the power of resurrection that can bring those who have died emotionally

back to life4

By applying the True Love principles we create an absolute value realm5

Pursuing only ones own interests is opposed to

leading a life of giving and of voluntary sacrifice

for the sake of others, that is, a life of True Love 6

You cannot become an owner of True Love by yourself.

You must be in relationship with a beloved counterpart, as a man and woman, as a parent and child, or as brother and sister7

A father and mother become owners of parental Love through their children8

An owner of Love lives for the sake of his or her counterpart, investing True Love and forgetting ever having invested, the counterpart will respond wholeheartedly to that investment of sincerest Love9

Because an owner of True Love strivesto lift up his or her object-partner as an owner of True Love we must completely rid ourselves of any individualistic mind-set and self-centered behaviour10

Walking the path of True Love leads to reconciliation and world peace11

This world of conflict and war can be transformed into a world of harmony and unity based on the precious attitude of living for the sake of others and establishing True Loves absolute values as a global ethic12

A true husband and wife give and receive

pure Love that is unconditional13

As newly-weds, a man and womans Love does not begin as absolute, eternal Love. But as their relationship matures, their Love will become an absolute bond enabling them to establish a happy and joyful family14

When parents love their children unconditionally their sons and daughters will respond

with a bright and positive attitude as they seek to fulfill their goals and create a hopeful future 15

The True Love of children for their parents becomes original Love, adding pure and genuine value and expanding

the familys field of happiness 16

In an ideal familysacrificial Love is freely given by parents for their children based on the True Love between father and mother

with the children responding wholeheartedly to their parents17

If the members of a family unite in True Love, They automatically create harmony and unity18

True Love, true life and true lineage are passed on through the generations. The grandparents convey the tradition of True Love to the parents

who in turn bequeath the same life of True Love to their children19

In their sibling relationships,

the children of an ideal family take after their grandparents and parents by living for the sake of othersand forming original relationships of True Love20

Let us join together to lead humanity into a new world that embodies the spirit of True Love21