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Every problem can be solvedif we cope with it in the light of True Love1

if we have no foundation of experiencing True Love We are unhappy2

True Love moves us to be sympathetic with other people3

The reason man seeks infinite Love is that he has the original nature to attain True Love 4

True LoveT R A N S C E N D S knowledge and L O G I C A L reasoning5

True Love is the ultimate origin and destination, the most noble quality to be practiced in life6

Once we get to know the pure taste of True Love we will L O N G to experience more of it7

Being able to love unconditionally

is the highest quality one can achieve as a human being8

To truly love another person includes forgetting oneself and focusing absolutely on the wellbeing of the other person9

Striving to embody True Love is the mostnoble endeavour we are destined to focus on10

True Love is expressed in our caring for other peoples inner and external wellbeing in a selfless way 11

Let us create an endless flow of Love in our relationships12

Sincere Love leads to deep trust and profound mutual understanding13

Selfish desires block us from experiencing the all-fulfilling realm of True Love14

True Love makes everything

without it nothing is wholeCOMPLETE15

T r u e L o v e is able to bring extremes together and to unite them.

The bigger the differences, the greater the joy which is ultimately experienced16

Let us strive to reach

deeper levels of Love17

Every new day brings new

opportunities to improve our ability to express True Love18

Learning from one another how to love

enriches our life enormously19

True Love opens the way to feel

compassion for others and to understand their thinking20

It is worthwhile to invest everything for the sake of experiencing True Love 21