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Everyone True Love needs

in order to experience deepest fulfilment1

Feeling profound Love

in family relationships gives us deep joy which we wish to be unending 2

Trying to love those whom we do not like brings out supreme personal qualities of which we may not have been aware of3

True Love strives to embrace people

despitetheir deficienciesand shortcomings4

True Love opens the way to feel things deeply like going behind doors and walls to see the real situation5

Experiencing True Love fills our whole being and brings utmost joy and fulfilment6

True Love inspires usto love more each day7

Breaking through the barrier that we cannot loveas we would like to brings deep peace of mind

would like to brings deep peace of mind8

Loving a person naturally goes along with feeling responsible for his or her happiness9

True Love moves us to start fresh every day with more hope for greater Love10

Experiencing the warmth of True Love lifts us up to the state where we naturally belong11

Let us show our inner qualities in the realm of Love by freely giving and sacrificing for the sake of others12

to become better and to learn to trulyFeelingTrue Love changes people

love others13


suffering will be forgotten in the experience of True Love14

Let us makeTrue Love our own15

True Love heals our soul and resurrects lost hopes16

enables us to go beyond any kind of barriers in our relationshipsTo look at others with Love17

TrueLove M O V E S usto love what is dear to others18

Through profound Love for each other everybody is uplifted 19

Learning to truly love others

is the essential content of the school of Love where we learn how to live for others20

Loving relationships bring warmth

and fulfilment into our life 21