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T r u e L o v e goes first to the object and then comes back to us1

If we truly love someonewe will treasure that person

and cherish what he has2

Love is the highest lawand the sacred bond

binding any two or more beings into harmonious oneness3

You are a mature person when you freely give T r u e L o v e and forget that you gave it4

With True Love as the core we are to become substantial beings of Love who have learned to give unconditionally5

the flower of happiness and peacewould blossom and fill the world with a beautiful fragrance If all people loved each other6

The most important task to be achieved is how we can reform our self-centred Love transforming it into a Love for others7

Let us live with the awareness that I am the focal point of Love a messenger of Love in this world8

If Love is not for the sake of others no matter what kindof Love it is it is not True Love9

Through original Love

everything can be perfected and brought to fruition 10

True Love is supreme Living for Love and dying in Love will bring us lasting happiness11

Don't look at things selfishly

but with a desire to give Love12

True Love includes giving oneself unconditionally for the fulfilment of another persons life 13

Everything is precious if done in the name of and by applying True Love14

is the beginning of true knowledge just as fire is the beginning of lightTrue Love 15

True Love overcomes any kind of division as it is always l o n g i n g to create unity16

and replace it with new eyeballs of True Love Let us pull out our old vision17

Sacrificing oneself for the sake of establishing True Love is a worthwhile endeavour enriching our own life18

True Love strives to love all people as my brothers and sisters, as members of a worldwide Family19

According to how many people one can love and to what depth one has been loving them defines the degree to which we manifest True Love20

The cardinal ruleforpracticing T r u e L o v e is to forget oneself in order to ultimately find deepest fulfilment21