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True Love acts prior to life, for it is the origin of life 1

If we examine the manner in which True Love exists we see that it has a multidirectional character moving simultaneously north, south, east and west, and that it exists and functions in a way that transcends race, culture, religion and national boundaries2

By attaining unity of mind and body, and establishing the absolute values of True Love in relating with your reciprocal partners, you participate in the realization of the ideal world mankind has been longing for3

True Love is complete in its

original formUNCHANG ING as it is4

You become owners of True Love through giving first,

sacrificing and not remembering what you have given investing completely for your beloved,5

True Love is the most natural thing,

possessing the deepest sincerity 6

The power of True Love is a great and immeasurable power, capable of creating unending joy and lasting

fulfilment for all people7

To put Heart and True Love at the centre signifies the establishment of a new view of moral values8

The essence of this absolute standard is True Love

which is the basis of the ethics of the family system9

This is because True Love, in the ethical relationship of the family is an absolute Love, agape Love, which emits Heart-warming joy to all mankind just as the sun emits its light to all creation 10

True Love alone has never changed through history whether in the East or West and it will remain unchangeable in the future11

True Love has the vertical axis in relation to its origin and the

horizontal axis referring to our actions which are motivated by Love for the sake of others12

Having matured in Heart we give our Love to others in a way that will be genuinely beneficial to them.All members of a family will feel united in Love if everybody is moved to live sacrificially for others13

A person of True Love

lives for the highest purpose,

willingly giving of himself14

Establishing True Love relationships in every area of life will create peaceful, harmonious families and communities, nations, and ultimately a new world of peace15

In the ideal human society, True Love that always seeks to give to others forms the basis for all relationships16

Such True Love is motivated

by the experience of the unconditional Love of parents17

The True Love of parents is the means to nurture a child's to character its full completed state18

A man and a woman nurtured in this way, and each possessing completed character, come together

as husband and wife to form a family, where they will convey True Love to their children 19

True Love enables us to build harmonious relationships as one family of humankind where every persons wellbeing is secured

based on the public-mindedness of all people, dedicated to uphold the highest ideals20

Let us complete, on this earth in our lifetime, a new heaven and new earth, filled with True Love and free from the struggle and strive we have seen throughout history 21