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In order to heal this world

we need living examples of altruistic True Love1

When we recreate our families and nations through True Love we can establish the world of peace in which we are destined to live 2

The experience of True Love lifts us up into a realm of liberation

where we can enjoy true life3

Once we realize the precious value of True Love we will naturally join together

to build the loving and caring world we all long for deep inside4

Because oneness can only be reached on the basis of True Love

we need to keep going toward a world where True Love reigns 5

True Love is a Love

that seeks to protect all humanity6

Our happiness is secured when we strive to give more Love than what we receive because in this way we initiate the creation of True Love relationships7

In order to enjoy true happiness we have to come together

in True Love8

Once you taste True Love through your partner you never want to lose your beloved9

True Love is connected to the whole body because our feelings and thoughts affect our whole being10

The most important core value is True Love, destined to be practiced

in whatever you do11

True Love makes life fully worthwhile and enjoyable12

True Love enriches our life more than anything else 13

When we establish relationships without connecting to the realm of True Love

we miss out on the most precious value and experience in life14

True Love aspires heartfelt unification

no matter how difficult circumstances may be 15

When we become perfected in True Love we will be able to develop healthy reciprocal relationships as husband and wife, as parents and children and as brothers and sisters, thereby establishing the ideal of a loving family 16

We can wipe away the tears of people in misery and poverty and enable them to lead an illuminated life of eternal True Love that dissipates all darkness17

Peaceful unification on all levels will be completed through True Love

which refers to a life lived for the sake of others18

Our ecological problems will be resolved when we become people who give True Love to all of nature 19

We become true owners of the world when we love the plants, the animals, and the land with True Love20

Let us seek to have uplifting experiences based on giving and receiving True Love21