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Harmony and unification centered on True Love are absolute values in an ideal family1

The path to becoming an owner of Love can be opened through the practice of True Love which invests and completely sacrifices itself first for its partner2

True Love seeks harmony and unity and strives to embody absolute values through a mutual process of giving and receiving within the relationship of subject and object partners3

True Love is directed towards investment

for the sake of

mutual development4

The realm of absolute values exists for the sake of bringing about the full realization of True Love, where every individual strives to first set up the other in a position of an owner of True Love5

The law of nature calls you to live for others more than for yourself. This is where the absolute value of True Love originates6

The attributes an owner of True Love are based on eternal, unchanging, unique, and absolute standards7

True Love is the central axis around which everything can be unified and harmonized8

we are able to resolve any kinds of issues When we apply the principle of True L O V E 9

True Love is the source of peace and spiritual order as well as harmony among people10

The more True Love is given,

the more plentiful it is and the greater joy and excitement it brings11

True Love possesses power great enough to transform the motivation, process and outcome of human life12

Because we are meant to be born in True Love, raised in True Love, and pass to the next world in True Love

it is obvious that True Love has the greatest and highest value13

Through True Love we can be together and converse with and feel each other eternally with nothing but affection for each other14

True Love is enjoyed by all people because it secures unending happiness for everybody 15

The central aspects of True Love are harmony and unity;

surrounding them are peace and happiness16

The power to bind the world together and bring unity can only be found in True Love17

The difficult problems humanity facescan be solved through the perfection of True Love.

Therefore we need to invest into this area more than any other realm18

We need to seek after and find True Love

and make it our own by practicing this highest standard19

Once we have risen to the level of embodying True Love

we will always maintain this invaluable standard

because no other kind of Love can tempt us to leave this realm20

Let us witness the reality of True Love

within our own life21