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We can never overemphasize the value of True Love

which is the fundamental root of joy, happiness and all ideals1

The well-known expression, have dominion over creation relates to taking care of all creatures with True Love 2

We are destined to stand before nature in True Love as people who have restored their dignity and integrity as lord of creation who have learned to love in a completely selfless way3

True Love transcends

the walls

that separate us from one another4

By True Love alone can the various reasons and causes of conflicts be overcome and a world of eternal peace be established5

Good parents long to pass onTrue Love to their children6

True Love will dwell in our midst when we all live for the sake of others7

The realization of a world of true freedom, peace and happiness can be achieved if we apply True Love in every aspect of life 8

To live in the realm of True Love

is the certain way to develop our potential to the fullest extent 9

The final outcome of our efforts to care for one another lies definitely in our being able to enjoy living in True Love10

The ultimate root of peace lies in experiencing the precious realm of True Love11

The beauty we find expressed in nature is nothing other than the manifestation of True Love having been invested12

so also true peace cannot be accomplished unless we first establish the realm of True Love In the same way that freedom and happiness have their roots in True Love,13

What kind of Love is True Love? It is a sacrificial Love that gives unconditionally14

Because it gives without condition, True Love does not remember the fact that it has already given 15

True Love is a Love of unlimited giving

based on forgetting what was given and investing anew 16

When peace is established on the basis of True Love, it will become true peace, accompanied with true freedom and happiness17

Once we have entered the realm of True Love and made it our own we will never ever want to leave it again18

No matter what it takes, we must become people whose mind and body are united as the substantiation of True Love19

Each and every person is destined to become a true person based on having become one with the realm of True Love20

The 21st century is an age when people learn to live together, transcending races, nations, and religions, which means that the age of ruling through True Love has begun21