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is he able to open himself

to the precious realm of True Love Only when a person has become really humble and modest1

True Love gives

forgets that it has given

and continues to give without ceasing2

Let us strive to win peoples trust not with theories but by sharing True Love with them3

Those who are in misery will revive and gain new hope

when True Love touches them4With True Love alone can this earth full of suffering be transformed into a happy world5

When we sacrificially give our Love to those who are hostile to us we reflect the real quality of True Love 6

The realm of True Love is like a burning sunright in front of our chest radiating warmth for all people we meet7

Let us not only become well familiar with supreme concept of T r u e L o v eas a theory but as our personal experience of knowing the indescribable value of this precious ideal8

Wherever we merge in heartistic oneness as parents and children, as husband and wife or as brothers and sisters we manifest an indestructible realm of True Love9

To love each other with True Love is the highest goal we can strive for

which will secure the happiness of all inhabitants of this earth, our common Home10

Let us go beyond any inner barrier that is blocking us from achieving unity as brothers and sisters of a united Family of Man because reaching that wonderful goal is our human destiny11

Loving people wholeheartedly

is inevitably connected with True Love for humanity12

Being dedicated to the practice of True Love gives us the strength to go beyond the barriers and limitations we may encounter in our own and in other peoples Heart13

True Love enables us to feel things D E E P L Y as it opens the way to look behind walls and to see the real situation14

True Love rejoices about other peoples happiness more than about ones own15

Encountering True Love may lead to our feeling that we have not loved before 16

Feeling True Love makes the world

change around us 17

On the foundation of experiencing True Love every cell of our body will be filled with excitement18

Feeling totallyintoxicated in True Love is a state in which one desires that its goodness never ends19

That is the real world in which we are to live with each person being a host of True Love20

Living for the sake of others is the essential characteristic of TrueLove 21