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True Love accumulates and grows in richness and depth

the more we practice it1

How much of a True Love life we lead determines how long it will take until an ideal world is established 2

Learning how to give and receive True Love is the most central lesson to be learned in life3

The giving and receiving of True Love represents the only way

to experience the greatest joy4

Being deprived of the experience of True Love lies at the core of human suffering.

Therefore our main efforts must be focused on resolving this decisive issue 5

True Love gives us the strength to tackle all kinds of problems no matter how difficult they may be6

let us live with True Love as our centre of attention and heartfelt concernWhatever we are busy with in our day to day life,7

What is wholeheartedly given with True Love is priceless and of eternal value8

True Love always gives priority to the greater purpose or public tasks while willingly making sacrifices on lower levels9

We need to develop the ability to apply True Love one-on-one, case-by-case, in any situation10

The Kingdom of Heaven is the realm of True Love. In order to live freely in such a precious realm

we must become people of True Love11

To become an incarnation of True Love represents the essential standard every human being is destined to achieve12

Even the deepest scars in the souls of people can be mended and healed through True Love13

There is no substitute for True Love being the centre of our life

if we want to find deepest fulfilment14

A person of True Love is concernedabout the finest details seeking complete satisfaction for everybody15

No alternative to True Love will ever lead to lasting happiness16

Goodness may be defined as T R U E Love in action directed toward benefiting the whole17

True beauty is established

on the basis of True Love18

Everybody wants to experience True Love. Therefore it should be our common first priority to enable everybody to live in a world of everlasting Love19

The ultimate hope of humankind

is the realization of a world of True Love where all people live in harmony,deeply concerned about each other20

True Love is a sacred bond that unites two or more beings into harmonious oneness21