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The only way to confirm the presence of True Love is through experience.You cannot tell whether someone has True Love until you have gone through difficult times together1

In reflecting back on your time together, you can determine whether that person exhibited True Love or not. To verify True Love, therefore, it is necessary to go through a period of trial or testing 2

A person of True Love is dependable, regardless of his position;

wherever he may be, he acts in aconsistent manner and heads in the proper direction3

Every person can draw True Love;

the power to attract True Love is what makes people so great. We all want to live together with those who have learned to embody this precious treasure4

What children eat or wear is not as important for their growth as receiving True Love from their parents.

When parents develop True Love for each other, they create the kind of atmosphere that will sustain and nourish their children 5

A family may be facing poverty and hardship and everyone may be hungry and cold, but as long as the parents demonstrate warm, true Love for each other, the children will grow up satisfied 6

What is needed in order to secure a bright future are those who become central figures of True Love

guide the world in the direction of True Love 7

Holy, pure and True Love is never lost

as it is connected with eternity 8

What is True Love? It is the Love that cares for its enemy;

it gives the ultimate gift and then forgets what was given and gladly invests again more Love 9

We need people who strive toward the attainment of True Love and then declare to the world, Nobody under the sun can take away even one iota of this True Love

because True Love is the strongest force in the universe, the root of all creation10

In the original world where every creature and being is activated in search of pure, true Love the most incredibly sensitive and sophisticated yet pure dialogue of True Love is always going on11

A person who manifests True Loveis at the same time a dynamo generating that

precious realm in whichall people want to live 12

When we are ready to give our life in order to obtain True Love we will surely see our greatest dreams fulfilled13

How wonderful True Love is will only be fully understood once we invest ourselves totally for the sake of

embodying the highest ideal 14

Even though religions have existed for hundreds and even thousands of years, the tradition of True Love was not established. This most important task needs to be achieved now and every religious or conscientious person is called to contribute to achieving this goal15

True Love is transmitted from one person to the next,expanding to wider and broader levels

until all people can enjoy living in the realm of True Love16

As we strive to connect with our Creator we have to seek for the inseparable union with God's True Love

which represents the foundation for everything that exists in the universe17

Brothers and sisters will find True Love when they are serving each other.Let us practice such an attitude on a global level in order to see the ideal of a loving world realized18

When True Love is at the centre, everything around it is fulfilled because T R U E Love includes and embraces without any bias or prejudice19

Love is infinite; for that reason True Love is giving Love. You practice to give and give and to give again. You do not ask for return but still you want to give and go on for eternity. In this way you will never run out of that most precious Love 20

Once we have experienced the preciousness of True Love nothing can stop us from investing in order to bring other people into this eternal realm21