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How can we say that a person is valuable? Ultimately by seeing the quality of theirLove1

When we love a person deeply and unselfishly we make True Love a reality in this world2

The perfection of an individual is realized throughoriginal T R U E Love 3

True Love is the solution to problems in relationships,capable of breaking down internal blocks and barriers which stop the flow of sincere emotions4

True Love gives us the strength to love

even when we are betrayed5

We are challenged to demonstrate

a higher quality of Love than ever existed before

in order to solve the many problems of the world6

The starting point of lasting goodness is to give out Love with ones whole beingeven when getting nothing in return 7

A universal person with a well matured character is able to embrace all kinds of people with True Love8

If we completely possess True we Love will not mind difficulties we meet along the way 9

True Love endures forgives and invests Love again and again for the sake of other peoples happiness10

By practicing True Love

we perfect our character11

T r u e L O V E

enables us to resonate with another person harmoniously12

When all people love each other

as brothers and sistersThe i d e a l w o r l d begins13

People who love each other can continue the giving and receiving of Love with more power than they invest14

When we really care for one another from the H e a r twe form a Family of Love15

If we focus on True Love we can connect with the visible and invisible world16

Once we live according to eternal truths and timeless principles centred on True Love we will arrive at our ultimate destination17

The person who ignores the value of each and every moment to love moment to love will lose moment what is truly to love precious in l i f e moment to love18

True Love always seeks other peoples happiness first19

The valueofTRUE Loveis PR ICELESS20

Each day can be one step towards

perfection in the realm of Love21