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Shutter Island OPENING

Shutter Island OPENING


The order of opening credits 1) Director2) Produced by3) Screen played4) Based on novel5) Director of photography6) ActorsThe writing is shown in red which conveys danger, maybe even blood shed. however the writing changes colour to white nearer the end of he sequence. The positioning of the names switch from right to left, as the actors are introduced the identity of the is concealed once again creating mystery, also creating a sense of disorientation.

Sound throughout the opening There is non diegetic sound added throughout the opening of the film shutter island that has a heavy beat this creates a intense atmosphere and creates suspense as the beat gets crescendo making the shots seem a lot more sinister and mysterious. as well as this makes the audience think what is going to happen? Diegetic sound of a dripping tap happens concurrently with the non diegetic sound creating mystery as it heightens the suspense and makes the audience think there is something going to happen (almost as if the drips are a timer )the non diegetic sound used legate elongates the sound creating foreboding atmosphere.

First shot

During the first shot Dissolve is used in the opening of Shutter Island, the effect of this technique makes the opening feel to have a slower pace, this gradually builds up the tension in the viewers.The camera angle here is a mid shot this creates mystery as we are unaware of the setting and where it is .Lots of dark, gloomy lighting is used to create a suspenseful atmosphere as well as this Dark corridors are used to evoke pain and tension, the fact that the corridor is so narrow evokes a sense of entrapment and isolation- there is no getting out.

Second shot

-the next shot is an Ariel shot zooming downwards of twirling stairs from this we can get a clear indication of the thriller as it expresses the representation of a mind trick; a puzzle that needs to be worked out. Once again there is isolation is evoked within this shot. The Spiralling stairs creates fear and endless horror, this symbolises the plot spiralling out of control, something that no one is able to handle.

Third shot This shot creates mystery as we are unaware of what the doorway is leading to, the fact that its dark and gloomy, highlights walking into the darkness. - after this is a long shot zoomed inwards of something that is unknown to the audience it evoking mystery. A sinister atmosphere is created when the shot zooms in as confusion is created ; the audience want to know what it is ? And why? Small glimpses of natural light from the windows and doorways to create a feel of isolation and entrapment,- there is no getting out, freedom is far.

Fourth shot this follows with an extreme close up of hands opening a floorboard creates suspense and mystery; the viewers can't see who and why this is happening, what do all these shots have in common ? There is shallow focus , with the hand being sharp this draws more attention to the hand. The theme deceit is highlighted here as he pulls out a note, it suggest that something important is being hidden, a plot that needs to be solved.

Fifth shot further more there is a zoom in mid shot of a gate way opening empathising entrapment and there is no way out as they approach another gate and guards . This results in the audience questioning the huge amount of security and what was this intended for ? Bright light is only clearly shown on a building with guards around. This creates mystery as we want to know what the significance is of the buildingNatural lighting and a low angle emphasising the scale and power the building has it is a point of view dolly shot going into the gate creating suspense as we see the amount of gates and guards there emphasising how badly these people are trying to keep something in highlighting the lack of freedom the differences from outside and inside is shown through the fade to black , however as soon as it shows a outside location it fades to white connoting they are blinded about what's going on

Sixth shot Editing throughout the opening -Various of fades are used to transition between the scenes, the effect of the use of fade in Shutter island is that it creates a sense of mystery for the viewers, as they are waiting for what is going to be revealed next, this would make the viewers think why are these scenes being shown, what is the meaning behind this? The white text against the black background is bold and very effective.

Seventh shot -next was an extreme close up of a gun on the floor being slide backwards be a foot, this gives a huge sense of betrayal and danger making them alarmed , this creates mystery as why is there a gun? Extreme close up continues the feeling of disorientation and something being hidden. In addition to this deceit is once again highlighted through the use of the gun being hidden. The audience wonder what is there to hid? Is the weapon for protection ?

Ninth shotthis follows of a counted angle of a cell to suggest entrapment and Punishment, once again what links all these pictures together, these shot avoid giving the audience the full picture , why is their so much security ? A prison cell is used to imply the theme of crime and danger through mise-en-scene the lighting in the gate emphases the lack of freedom , this Shows disorientation and confusion and mystery as no escape is futile. Insolation is highlighted through the use of darkness and being trapped.

Tenth shot - close up of a lit match is to highlight the unknown becoming known, it gives a sense of comfort and security as the it's no longer dark. lighting a match which is a very quick flick of light before going back to complete darkness. This makes the audience think who is this person and what is he doing? Fire is also associated with danger. It also creates a feel of the unknown. The light from the match could symbolise hope, but however is snatched away when the match goes out.

Eleventh shot and finally the opening ends with a long shot of shutter island to evoke the isolation, they are abandoned from society and an outcast to the world. Gives a sense of trapped and never no escape . The last place that is shown is an island. This is what the film is based on. It creates a feel of isolation and detachment from the word .The darkness highlights that the island is dangerous, is comes as though its a warning to stay away.