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Text of Shutter Island

Shutter Island(Dir: Martin Scorsese 2010)

Screen Grabs

Title SequenceThis film has a very short title sequence and doesnt actually reveal much to do with the film. The film starts with a black screen with very old fashioned writing which is a indication that the film is set in the past its grey which gives the film a essence of darkness. The film starts off very dark with just white writing on the screen giving a chilling feeling to it but apart from the way the text is written in the font it is in we cannot get much from it. When the film opens there is a contrast as footage begins with a white background and we aren't able to see anything at first as the location is very foggy and we then get to see the emergence of a boat coming towards us which makes the audience focus upon one thing grabbing their attention from the start of the film creating feeling of suspense making the audience feel intrigued as to who may be upon the boat and where its heading and who are the black shilloutes.

SoundThe opening of the film starts off with a haunting crescendo building tension for what is to come we then hear the nondiagetic sound of a fog horn on the ship they are in with no replying fog horn sound which gives off the image that the ship they are on is very isolated away from everything. The opening credits of the film has the classical orchestral string music that fits the genre of the film giving a ominous creepy chilling feeling to the opening. There are a lot of non-diagetic boat sounds included in the opening which repeats throughout the scene even when focused upon Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio). We hear sounds of him vomiting due to being seasick as well as heavy breathing from the protagonist which is then followed by dialogue between the characters.

Mise En SceneIn the opening of the film we are introduced to the main protagonist in the bathroom on the ship with throwing up in the toilet showing that he cannot handle being upon the ship we then start to hear the non diagetic sound of chains rattling from the ceiling of the ship this could then be a important connotation that links into the rest of the film as the sound makes you think of prison and shackles and being locked up that could then tie in with the plot of the film. In the opening theyre both dressed in the 1950s film noir detectives which helps the audience to understand who they are from there beginning of the film so we know they are both some sort of high class citizens as they are both wearing hats suits and long overcoats. In the opening we can tell they have put in certain props to set the scene of the rest of the film the most significant one they used was the mirror that makes us think that he has a split personality with the over the shoulder shot as we are not seeing him properly in this we are just seeing a reflection. When we see the protagonist we see that he also has a plaster upon his head which then leads us to think how could he have hurt himself or was he in some sort of fight or has he had a head injury from a attack. He keeps washing his face with water to wash away his fear almost as if hes waking himself up hence pull yourself together Teddy, its only water

Camera Angles & ShotsRight at the beginning of the film we get a classic establishing shot as it sets scene the opening narrative giving us a vast broad image of where we are yet we are given no clue but some text telling us the time and place being Boston Harbor in 1954. This is a nice long shot showing the whole boat coming through the fog and heading towards the spectators giving it a dramatic and dominant effect. We also see a over the shoulder shot not with the main protagonist looking into his own eye through the mirror showing his reflection. A shot like this is establishes a split in personality a Jekyll & Hyde indication which is rein forced when he talks to himself, he has a split mentality that oppose each other. Another shot that adds to the opening and to the character is the shot of him looking out the port hole as if he is locked in their looking out at everything. We get a high over head shot of the protagonist when he is washing his hands the height of this shot gives off the feeling that he is being looked down on by someone as if he is just constantly being watched. We see the camera also breaking the 180* rule as it gets positioned in the same place as the mirror this could have been done to show another side to the character to add more to the film. Right at the end when the protagonist goes out to talk to his friend on board the ship there is a 2 shot used to show the entirety of there bodies and their surroundings giving the audience a nice open view as if they were isolated from everything and only have each otheror do they?