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  • 1. Shutter Island

2. Film PosterLarge image of theInstantly recognisable as a darkprotagonist in lowthriller/horror colours, weather, lighting - mysteriousimage all fit audienceexpectations. Someone is missing. Simpletagline that doesnt give muchConvention of a away. Typical of psychologicalpsychological thriller to thrillers to give up limitedhave a dark colouramounts of narrative and toscheme to go with the keep audiences guessing. Asdark theme of the film. they cannot rely on the plot toSets a sombre tone. draw in an audience, it isimportant they make good useof the posters visualattraction.Rough sea and stormyweather creates aRed, almost distorted,depressing atmospheresketchy typography and anticipates that colour has connotations ofsomething bad will blood, signifying the thrillerhappen.genre. The sketchy style suggests that something is Image of island is made not quite right. up of a montage of smaller images, making Island is isolated and it disjointed. Thiscut off from the rest of suggests that on thisthe world - typical island, everything islocation for a distorted and nothing is psychological thriller to as it seems. take place, ascharacters are trapped. 3. Creates a brand image with similar colours, setting, typography andMagazine Cover Shutter island theme takes up entire cover. Its font is used for all other features, same character used.and image fills whole cover. Protagonist looking down on slightly low angle shot and isThis cover hints more towards wearing a suit power and the plot of the film than the status? However, his rugged,poster. We learn more about unkempt appearancethe character, seeing his police contrasts with this.badge and gun (policeman is typical figure in a thriller) he appears to be the hero. The Repeated use of dark lighthouse in the background depressing colours, also seems key to the story. characters serious facial Cover gives away more, but not expression and eerie plot - audience want to see the weather conveys the film to find out. genre and also the tone of the film. Use of red font throughoutInformal use of actor/directorssuggests blood or death,names Leo and Marty drawspointing towards the darker,in audience makes them seemhorror elements to the filmmore on their level. Taglines makes use of wordsBuzzwords such as greatest asylum and madhouse whichand exclusive make magazineconfirms the psychological elementseem worth buying. of the genre. 4. Trailer - Shot 1Establishingshot of islandPoint of viewshows how cut shot fromoff and isolatedprotagonist -it is.seeing thingsfrom hismindset.Supposed toempathise withhim?Dark, cloudy weather and low lighting -Makes it seem depressing andforeshadows the bad things that happen. 5. Trailer Shot 2 Accompanied by loud music, setting the audience onA series ofedge. Fear forshots show the protagonistsisland under safety.strict security audiencerealise howdangerous thepatients are.Guards appear suspicious and wary of protagonist reason to fear him too? 6. Trailer Shot 3ReluctantClose upto hand itemphasisesover -the gun untrusting,being afraid?handed over Even a FederalGun represents Marshalpower, violence, must obeyauthority/status the Islandetc. guards powerful Handing gun over to the guard, represents and in shift in power from Marshal to Island. Givescontrol. protagonist less authority. 7. Trailer - Shot 4Close up ofPale skin and chainedblackened woman witheyes, makingslit acrossher appears throat - setsghostly - mentalaudience onillness - ghost edge as itof a person?shows whatpeople onthe islandare capableof.Manacled dangerous, Finger to lips reference to somecant be trustedkind of secret. Trailer makesaudience want to know what. 8. Trailer Shot 5Smudged Close upadds extrasnapshot of emphasisnotepad withandthe word runeeriness tosmudged byit.rain Run another hint towards Builds up tension some kind of dark (and now moment audience realise seemingly dangerous) secret. something is seriouslywrong. 9. Over the shot Trailer Shot 6shoulder almost asthough they Twoare being characterswatched.are brightlylit up -contrast torest ofroomFocus of shot is on the door looks Dark ad damp, flickeringas though something is about tolighting eerie, buildscome bursting outsuspense. Typical thriller/horror scene. 10. Trailer Shot 7CoincidesA disorientatingwith dialogueaerial shot isYoure a ratused whichin a maze pans around inshot seemsa circle showstouncertainty demonstratesetting in. this. 11. Protagonist is in military SS uniform (shows violence,Trailer - Shot 8 danger, These two shots unpredictability) follow one Other character in another. Showslab coat (shows the contrastintelligence, well between the two respected, high men.status) Based on this, we should trust the manAlso, by this stagein the lab coat,in the trailer, thehowever the trailershots are becoming has built it up so thatshorter and faster,we dont. Audienceconveying theare as confused asaction, confusionprotagonist and areand desperation. unsure of who to believe in similar situation and so empathise. 12. Trailer Shot 9Almost ingreyscale He is alsodark, bleak looking farmore ruggedand unkemptthan at theProtagonist gonebeginning from wearinglots ofMarshal uniform action,to wearing thesituationpatients clothing taking its toll. degraded byisland, power Rats symbolises phrase of smelling a rat taken away, now protagonist believing scientists on island areone of them.lying to him. Connotations of sneaky, deceit,dirty, lowest of the low etc. 13. First shot scar Trailer Shot 10Fire is aacross facerecurringmakes characterthemelook dangerous throughoutand evasive. the trailer,Appearsmuch of it inderanged not imaginedthe type ofscenarios person you wantinsight intoto see holding a subconsciouslit match builds oftension. protagonist? (set ownFire connotates house alight)anger,devastation, Second shot mother and child standing next to blaze.passion etc. Contrast of innocence/purity against raging, destructive fire.all key themes Looking directly into camera feel for them. Hoping to bein the film. saved? Echoes later line You should have saved us 14. Genre Theory Robert Warshaw audience want film to be new and original, but stillexpect it to meet their expectations and to see the typical conventionsof the genre. Shutter Island fulfils the conventions of a thriller, throughMise-en-scene including guns, police officers and fast paced action.However, it is also original as it is set in a different location and holdsan unusual plot twist at the end. Audience watch film as a form of escapism from their day to day life thriller is far more exciting. Although nobody would particularly wish tobe in the characters situation, they enjoy watching something excitingunfold, and rise to the challenge of thinking and trying to make sense ofthe psychological element. Lawrence Alloyway A genre is defined through symbols; includingcharacter types, settings and props. Directors use these tocommunicate with an audience, and generally know how they will react.Martin Scorsese makes use of strong symbols to set the tone of thefilm. These symbols make the film appealing and meet the expectationsof an audience going to see a psychological thriller.