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2. SHUTTER ISLAND In this presentation, I will be analysing the trailer for Shutter Island whichwas made in 2009. I will be analysing it for genre, representation of groups,age, class and gender. For its narrative, talking about its target audienceand lastly, looking at the media language used. 3. Genre The genre of this film is a Thriller, which is shown through the medialanguage used throughout it. You can tell Shutter Island is a thriller becauseof the low key lighting which runs throughout the clips shown in the trailer.The lack of lighting also tells us it is a thriller because we associate thegenre thriller with scary, dark, secretive things. Also, Leonardo Dicaprio, astar famous for romance films, thriller films and highly stylised films, is themain protagonist in Shutter Island, which shows this film will be a highconcept thriller because of his stereotype of being in them type of filmgenres. However, we know there is something dark about his characterbecause of how he is seen in the trailer and the genre highlights thisbecause of the cinematography we see, the tracking of Leonardo Dicapriosignifies his dark persona in the film as we dont know quite who hischaracter is because trailers dont give the important bits away. The fadesto black hint a distortion in the films narrative and its as if the shot fadesbefore we see something else- it is also shown as secretive which is whatwe expect from a thriller. 4. Representation Of Gender Gender is highly represented in this trailer as it is set in a different time(1954) and women and children are seen as the weaker characters, we seethis when Leonardo Dicaprios character Marshal Teddy Daniels Looks atthe older woman who is making a shush gesture, she is obviously aprisoner on the island as she is cuffed. Somehow she shoes power overMarshal Teddy Daniels because of the gesture and him not reacting in anyway. 5. Representation Of Gender We also see another representation of males when we see MarshalTeddy Daniels with his colleague, they are in their detective suitsstood next to the guards of the institute, the Marshal shows mostdominance as he is wearing his badge and showing it. Howeverthere is a slight role reversal when the guards ask for theirweapons, when the Marshals hand over the weapons, they havethe dominance. 6. Representation Of Age There are no clear representations of age in this trailer although there arechildren in it. Children seem to be weaker however, this is due to thembeing represented as vulnerable. As we can see in the screen shot of apart of the trailer there is what looks like a mother and daughter holdinghands stood in a blazing fire. They have no facial expression which can tellus that something isnt right in this shot as if they were in a fire theyd beyelling This also hints that the main character (Leonardo Dicaprio) isunstable in the mind as its a vision like shot. 7. Narrative The protagonist in the movie is Leonardo Dicaprio, we know this becausethroughout the trailer we follow him and he appears most. We think thehero is Leonardo Dicaprio too because he is a marshal. He is going into theasylum to search for a missing patient. Villains- we think the villains are the people in the prison cells, they are verylow key lit so it makes the characters look eerie. 8. Equilibrium & Disruption At the start of the trailer we see 2 marshals arriving at an island (as we seea boat in the mist) and then theres a fade and after this we see them onthe island entering the asylum gates. They are greeted by security peoplewho take their weapons. Outside of the asylum we see an old lady who looks straight into thecamera and makes the shhh gesture. This is eerie and highlights thethriller genre. The disruption comets through the middle of the trailer and we see that apatient had escaped, the marshals are on the hunt for the missing patient. We see peaks in the narrative and one is right at the end where we are lefton a cliff hanger, a patient grabs Leonardo Dicaprio. It is important that a trailer NEVER reveals the CLIMAX as this is the wholepoint of watching the film. It would immediately spoil the film. 9. Audience The audience of this thriller would be 15+ (people aged over 15) as it hasmoderate violence (blood, fighting, weapons) and the genre is a thriller,people ages under 15 may find it too graphic. People with an interest in Leonardo Dicaprio also may want to see thismovie just because he is in it. 10. Cinematography, Editing, Sound &Mise-en-sceneI am going to talk about what Media Language is used in this trailer,below is a table and I have recorded what I see in the trailer:Cinematography Editing Sound Mise-en-scene- Close-up on allkey characters- Close-up on footdragging the gunaway from a man- Close-ups onprison people- Long shot of thetower and island- Fades- Flickering onneedle(screaming non-diegeticsound)- Tilt on needle andnurse- Non-diegetic score(dramatic musicthroughout,becomes louder atthe end)- Lady shh-ing(made moreobvious)- Buzzing of thesecurity gatesopening- Screaming- Set in an asylum- House/hall- -Prison cells- Asylum island- Tower- Twisty stairs