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Niall palmerL.O: to complete research into the opening of a thriller film

Films should include: Shot types and length Credit information soundFilm starts wi9th a slow fade from darkness into a menacing looking corridor and the music is sharp and suspenseful and the bold red text creates visual tension, it also reveals that the film is mad by martin Scorsese who is known for his dark films and this opening shot shows this.

Then there is a quick editing cut to the next shot which is a spinning shot of a spiral staircase, which adds a element of illusion and confusion for the audience

Another quick editing cut into the next shot of a darkly lit room again with a menacing look, the rai n music adds to the menacing mise en scene which makes the audience anxious and wants to see what come next

The camera then switches to a close up shot of a hand, the identity is unknown which builds tension, and the tension that the hand has to the concrete floor alludes to some sort of physical struggle. Which makes the audience question who the person is and what part does he have to play.

The shot quickly cuts to darkness then the title fades in giving enough time for the viewer to read it while it veers to the audience adding visual tensionThe final cut is a establishing shot of an island, the music becomes even more menacing and deeper perhaps conveying danger is on that island and the point that its a island shows its isolated and using the last shot you can tell some sort of prison is on that island.A cut to a shot of a gun, with a foot stepping on it gently adding a sense of crime and danger, you notice that in this shot the text is white perhaps could convey purity in Leonardos character.A loud crash of music then leads us to a establishing shot of a gate. This is a rather large shot that is then followed by the camera closing in on the gate. This adds to the suspense as to what is beyond this gate and why there are guards controlling when the gate opens leaving the audience wonder and look like it is them entering the gates.