Shutter island opening

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Text of Shutter island opening

  • By Eoin Holmes

  • Point of view shot: effect of this angle on the entrance to Ashecliffe

  • Mise-en-scene that echoes each other in the opening sequence: gateways of hell

  • Robertsons music reaches a crescendo of drama but the buildings behind the gate and the gardens are a contrast to this dramatic buildup of music.Ashecliffe does not look so frightening.00:00- 06.15

  • The suspenseful music ends abruptly: Aule and Daniels (and the audience )have arrived at Ashecliffe. (diegetic sound ensues)Mc Pherson: All right you gentlemen will be accorded all the help we can give00:00- 06.15

  • Dialogue examples from Opening

    first line of dialogue: Daniels: Get it together Teddy. Its just fucking water.

    Daniels: Not the best way to meet your new partner, with my head halfway down the toilet...Aule: Doesnt exactly square with Teddy Daniels: the man, the legend. Ill give you that.

    Teddy: Ive seen something like it before.

    Captain: The dock, its the only way on. Or off.

    Captain: Storms comminScreenplay: Laeta Kalogridis