Shutter Island Brand Identity

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Brand identity for the film Shutter Island, for my A2 Media Coursework.

Text of Shutter Island Brand Identity

  • 1. Brand Identity
  • 2. IMAGES
  • 3. BRAND IDENTITY One notable way in which a brand image is created is through the use of low key lighting. Both the poster and the magazine employ the use of this technique, and there are scenes in the trailer that do likewise. A chilling brand image is created, which gives the film an uneasy feel overall. The fog effect enhances the chilling feel that is created through low-key lighting. When you see fog, you think cold, and this makes for a strengthening of the brand image overall. The match is significant. On the poster it symbolises danger through the fact that, conventionally, you associate it with low key lighting. In the trailer, the match is struck at the point where Di Caprio is attacked. Hence, a dangerous brand image is presented. The use of red and orange colours continues to create a brand image of danger and tension. They are colours that connote danger. On the mans face, there are specks of blood, giving him a dangerous feeling, and hence the film. The red text on the magazine gives the film a dangerous feeling likewise
  • 4. HOW DO THESE PRODUCTS RELATE TO THE THRILLER GENRE? Key features of the thriller genre are in the name. Things that thrill. This means action, suspense, tension, chilling feelings through danger. All 3 products relate to the thriller genre because of low key lighting, which creates a chilling and tense atmosphere so typical of the thriller genre. Arguably, if there was no low key lighting, it wouldnt be a thriller film, and it would not make the film seem chilling and on edge. Colour connotations also make these products typical of the thriller genre. The movie in question is a psychological thriller, and as such, it will mess with the mind. Danger messes with the mind, and the use of orangey red colours for fonts and the featuring of blood helps to give the film extremely uncomfortable connotations. The tense look on Di Caprios face, on the poster and in certain scenes in the trailer is also typical of the thriller genre. He looks tense because he is under pressure, in a dangerous situation. This is because of the events which are typical of a thriller film. Avoiding very real danger, which is very difficult to overcome.
  • 5. HOW DO THESE PRODUCTS APPEAL TO THE TARGET AUDIENCE? The lead actor being used for all 3 products creates familiarity, and also builds attachment to the actor concerned. Conceivably, members of the audience could get confused as to who the lead actor is (because this is important to know). Therefore, this technique appeals to the target audience because of its convenience and star appeal. All 3 products appeal to the target audience because of the insight they give into the film. The two print based products, through the use of colour, lighting and the fog/cloud effect, tells the audience that the film is conventional of the genre, which is why they are appealing. The trailer, naturally, also does the same, and as a result, is also appealing to the target audience because it does what it is expected to do. The two print based products also appeal to the target audience because of the colour interaction. They are easy on the eye, have structured layouts, and give insight into the film. This makes them convenient to the audience, and as a result, they are appealing.