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1. Shutter islandRasha Kasseer 2. Mise-en-scene -Hand cuffs may suggest there are prisoners, they also highlight crime. -Very dark, dim lighting.They are both wearing smart clothing suits and almost detective like which suggests that theyre working on an investigation. They are wearing the same outfit suggests that this is their job? 3. Threatening facial expressionsThe two officers are holding guns which suggests defence and crime 4. Editing Aerial shot of the car.The camera is at a low angel, this makes the people in the car seem more powerful. 5. Mise-en-scene:When they are in the car they pass by a building which had a spikey fence (Miseen-scene- prop) all around, this suggests security, the building may contain confidential things that must be kept secret.Two shot 6. Mise-en-scene:The inside of the building they enter is very fashionable and classy, it seems very secretive if you look outside the room its very dark.