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  • 1. Shutter island trailer reviewWhat is the genre of the film? The films genre is a psychological thriller/ horror

2. How is the audience able to identify the genre of the film?The genre of the film is established by words used in the trailer: mentalhospital criminally insane its like their scared of something. It also showsthe genre by the scenes it choses to use, below are some examples.Something heSuggestsneeds to watchsomeoneout for he loveddied in afire Possibly the same person?These screenshots suggestall is not as it seems andtheres some form ofmystery in the film. 3. How does the trailer target anaudience? The trailer targets an audience through the use of actors, either byappealing to fans of Leonardo Dicaprio or reflecting the audience throughthe actors age and gender.These shots show thatwhile the gender and ageis varied it mostly revolvesaround males in their latetwentys suggesting atarget audience that ismostly male between theages of 17-37 4. How long does the trailer last?The trailer lasts for 2 minutes 23 seconds How many shots are used? Approximately 105 shots are used throughout the trailerWhat transitions are used?The trailer uses fade outs black outs andwhiteouts to cut between scenes it also uses a flicker tocut but this effect was too fast for me to take evidence of. 5. How is diegetic and non diegetic sound used?Diegetic sound and non diegetic used to inform theaudience of the story via diegetic dialogue and nondiegetic dialogue that is edited to overlap scenesThis mansAll I know is its a speech ismental hospitaldiegetic and thisthis mans speechmedium shotis non diegetic shows him as heand overlaps thespeaks to thetwo scenesother 6. Representation of characters relationships/ friendships?Friendships and characters relationships are shown through their interactionswith one another.They both appearto be quite relaxedand their openbody language They both look to each other for support whilesuggests they the others have arms folded or in pocketsknow each other suggesting none of these characters arequite wellcomfortable around each other, by surroundingthe two inspectors it appears the islands guardshold more power and are of a higher status on The gun here isthe island, the way the two are blocked off by symbolic of thethe man who has his back to the camera inspectors suggests he is n charge handing over power to the guards 7. What does the trailer reveal about the plot?The trailer reveals there is a mental asylum someone has been sent to, to investigate adisappearance , as the trailer progresses and the cuts speed up we gain a sense ofunease and that there is some form of conspiracy on the island. How does the trailer establish mood and expectations? It establishes a disturbing mood and horror expectation by focusing on the gruesome inmates. 8. What type of camera shots and angles are used most commonly?Screenshots of extreme close ups, close ups, medium shots, long shots, andextreme long shots are used throughout the trailer with close ups andmedium shots being the most commonly used. 9. How is mise-en-scene constructed?Mise-en-scene is constructed through the use of establishing shots, the inmatesoutfits/straight jackets and the guards uniform. This informs us of their roles throughoutthe film and of their importance. We also can roughly guess what age they are by the waythey dress, e.g. the inmate who is missing is wearing quite an out fashioned suit suggestingshe is in her late forties/fifties.Shows an establishingshot of the institutionShows the island Shows roles of the characters. Left is theThe women here is dressed all in security guard and the two on the right are white suggesting she is a nurse inspectors, this can be seen because they fit who looks after patients in the the stereotypical appearance. institute 10. Why do the film studio use the trailer to market its product?The film studio uses the trailer to market its product because itintrigues the audience and informs them,. As a result this drawsthem in and engages them without giving away the entire plot.How successful is the trailer in targeting anaudience? The trailer is very effective in targeting anaudience, it targets a wide range of audience members becauseof the diversity of the film. It features a whodunit mystery whilealso showing conventions of a horror and psychological film withsome aspects of action and thriller. Because it broadcasts all ofthese points it appeals to a much wider range of audience. 11. Make a list of ten codes andconventions you have identified the film revolves around one main characterThere is some form of conflictTrailer reveals some story but not all of it.The trailer shows clips throughout the entire story. The main character has to overcome some kind of obstacle. The story is mostly based around his interactions with others. Its meant to raise questions for the viewer. Intertitles are used to advertise actors and the company. Music is used to add suspense Music and cuts synchronise to add a more fluid effect of transition 12. How effective are film trailers as a promotional device for films?They are very effective as they form the first most usedform of film advertising and are capable of capturingthe audiences interest in ways that a conventionalposter or website cant, they also inform in the fastestpossible way and there are more ways of advertising atrailer such as television, internet and cinema.