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  • 1. Shutter Islandanalysis*Spoiler alert

2. INFOMATIONPLOT: Drama set in 1954, U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels isinvestigating the disappearance of a murderess whoescaped from a hospital for the criminally insane and ispresumed to be hiding nearby.RATING: 8/10GENRE: Drama/Mystery/Psychological/ThrillerMAIN ACTORS: Leonardo DiCaprio, Emily Mortimer & Mark RuffaloRELEASE DATE: 2010DIRECTOR: Martin Scorsese 3. Director trademarks & how they relate to Shutter Island Frequent use of slow motion Main character will fall in love, but will end in disaster wife kills their children and he in turn kills her (thelove twist within a film is a common trait of thrillerfilms) Main character prone to violence has beaten up afellow inmate Long tacking shots across the shores, then focuses onthe light house Guilt is a prominent theme in most of this films hefeels guilt for killing his wife but also that he didnt seewhat was going on with her 4. Thriller elementsIt is considered a psychological thriller (pts) due to many elements: thesetting is an insane asylum typical of pts as it is an affliction of themind, it remains to be complex which confuses the viewer keepingthem on the edge as a lot of the elements are tricks of the mind. Themain character also has a duel personality which keeps the viewer inthe dark about the truth, invoking a rush of emotion when the truthis revealed.The plot itself is keeps the viewer in the dark the majority of the time, italso puts the main focus of the film on Leonardo DiCaprios characterwho turns out to be 2 people simultaneously, this blurs the viewersemotions and makes it difficult for them to separate their feelings forboth characters. The viewer isnt told the truth until the end of thefilm which justifies it as a mystery thriller. 5. The use of the Clip analysisbars is a common in psychological The close up shots allow the thrillers, thisviewer to see a selected personscreates thereactions, it also enables them to impression that see this characters wounds, which the person is adds to the mystery of how hebeing detained ascame to be injured.they are dangerous, or inthis case havemental issues 6. The editing shows thecolour change between the scene that is real, and the scene that heis seeing in his mind. Psychological thrillersare based on the mindmaking things up.The close ups again show notonly emotions but how she isnot really there where the main character is perceivingher to be. You can then see the close switch between his reality and his imagination, and how closely they arelinked. Again a common trait inpsychological thrillers, seeingthings that are not there.