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2. SOUND:The sound effects at the start and throughout are verysinister, it also sounds like fog horns which is signalsdanger and is very creepy. The sound of the wavescrashing against the boat sounds very unnerving andgives the impression that where they are going is anunsettling place. As soon as the dialogue for thecriminally insane is spoken the soundtrack then becomesa lot more tense and dramatic and it drowns out theother sounds, which is done because up until this pointthe audience are unaware of what the detective what bedealing with (then tense soundtrack wanrs them that itwill be danger). There is a lot of weather sound effects(such as rain and lightening) which reflects thatsomething bad is going to happen (pathetic fallacy), theweather reflects the mood. 3. The trailer starts with an establishing shot of a boat sailing through somethick mist, which eventually begins to clear This immediately establishes thepsychological genre, as this genre typically uses fog as it symbolises theunknown- not knowing what is hidden behind the fog which plays on yourmind. We then have an establishing shot of shutter island, which sets thescene. The island looks very deserted and alone, surrounded by just sea anddark sky's. It makes you feel very isolated and which further adds to thepsychological genre. We are then shown a low angle establishing shot of theguards opening the gates into the mental hospital. The lines in the barsconnotate feeling trapped. These shots are fairly long and slow, and simplyset the scene and the genre.There is sound put over the majority of this trailer of the characters talking,their conversation introduces you to the characters and gives a snese of thebasic plot of the story. 4. We are then shown multiple montage shots of things such ashandcuffs, hands writing on the wall and people being draggedaway and grave stones. We also see a shot of a dark, emptytunnel, with rain dripping into it; this is a very creepy image. Thepace picks up which starts to build tension, suspense and fear.All of the lighting is very dark and sinister, and you immediateget the sense that there is something not right about this place.Almost every transition is a fade to black and I think this workswell because it shows the darkness of the film and createssuspense between shots. 5. Unique selling point and target audience:The unique selling point of this film is that its set in the past this is because it gives theaudience an insight into the past and the techniques that were used to cure mentalproblems back then, this will draw in the audience as most films at the moment aremodern or futuristic genre. Also the fact that its directed by Martin Scorsese and thatit stars Leonardo Dicaprio, will be a big selling point within the first 10 seconds of thetrailer, the audience are introduced to the A-list actor Leonardo Dicaprio, whichimmediately targets a female audience of around 15-35 as he is very attractive,popular and famous. After the words, "its a mental hospital" "for the criminallyinsane" are said, a backing music that is quite solemn begins, creating an unsettlingatmosphere, which suggests that it is a mystery/psychological Thriller. This wouldrelate to a wide audience as it is popular with all ages, both male and female, whichcontrasts to an action, which would mainly target a male audience. The FederalMarshals (Leonardo and Mark Ruffalo) would attract both a male and femaleaudience: they are young and attractive and also can be seen as the 'hero' type thatmales would aspire to be. Emily Mortimer, a famous actress is also introduced in theTrailer, which would attract an audience as she is well known. Furthermore, as she isan English actress unlike the other two stars, this could attract more of an audience asit widens interest (English people are going to want to watch an English actress in aHollywood film). The Thriller is also set in 1954, which is suggested in the trailer. As aresult, this will attract an older audience also as they could relate to that time - thereare flashbacks of concentration camps, etc. Therefore, the Thriller can be seen asinteresting as well as entertaining to watch as it shows shocking images, whichemotionally attach an audience because it relates to real life issues. 6. The clips then gradually slow down, and we are introduced to ourprotagonist; Teddy Daniel. we see close ups of the characters in order to sellthe film to the audience. He dresses fairly smart, and like a typical detective(trench coat and tie). The film as sort of crime/detective genre feel to it,however with aspects of a psychological horror. We are then shown somevery fast paced shots of things such as barbed wire, windows looking out intoa stormy night and paper being thrown in the air. Theyre all quite mysteriousimages, which plays on the psychological side of the film. We then movecloser into the actual hospital, and move past images of some of the mentalpatients (they are very disturbing looking which will capture the audiencesattention)- this are slow paced to draw attention to them. 7. The first title we see says A martin Scorsesepicture. This will capture the audiencesattention as Martin Scorsese is a very respectedfilm director- therefore the audience will beintrigued by the film. The next title we see saysleonardo dicaprio- who is the main character inthe film. This is a USP of the film as Dicaprio is avery well known actor- for films such as Titanic. 8. We see a lot of wired gates in next few scenes. This highlights how thehospital is some sort of trap for the protagonist. The diagonal lines on thewire connotate that something isnt quite right, which is typical of thispsychological thriller genre. One scene shows a birdseye view of one of thesmall cell rooms with the detectives and doctors in, this angle makes it look asif they are being watched and makes them look very inferior and small. Thenext shot is a low angle shot in the same room. This also gives a sense ofbeing watched. A lot of the scene is in darkness as well which connotates thatsomething could be hiding in that darkness (possibly the protagonist is beingkept in the dark, maybe a secret?). 9. As the trailer goes on we see the gradualbreakdown in our protagonist as he acts more andmore fearful and changes clothing (mental patientuniform)- which hints towards the storyline. Theclips at the point become very fast paced, showinghis mental breakdown and leading to the climax.One scene show him running up a spiral staircase-thisis quite disorientating which links to thepsychological genre. We see images of fire andcrashing waves which represent danger. We are leftwith the final statement of you will never leave thisisland which is a bold statement that audiences willbe intrigued by and want to find out more!