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  • 1. Shutter Island By Rebecca Clarke

2. This extreme wide shot is used to show the setting in whichthe film takes place. From the lighting used we assume it isnot a nice place as it is dull and lifeless. The sky is darker onone side to show the storm over casting the island, this linksto the suspense filled atmosphere created by the opening. 3. This wide shot of three characters walking towards the camerais often used in action films, the use of it in this film shows thecharacters dress and the time era it is set in. Police officers andMarshalls are usually associated with crime or action genres butthis challenges the typical thriller conventions of a psychologicalthriller. Natural lighting is used in this shot to show a realisticlocation of the film. 4. This mid shot of the character also looking directly into thecamera makes the audience feel they too are in the scene. Fromthe characters costume we can see she is in a mental hospital asshe is hand cuffed and her appearance is frightening. This linksto the genre psychological thriller and of our stereotypes.Lighting in this scene is natural. 5. The medium shot of the character behind the bars shows thathe is captured. The character is looking into the cameramaking the audience feel as if they are in the film. In this showlow key lighting is used to create a tense atmosphere. 6. This high angle shot shows the main character walkingthrough the rain. Rain is often associated with thriller genresas it portrays sadness and fear emotions in which as anaudience we feel. The lighting in this shot is very low keymaking it hard to see the characters movement. 7. This eye level close up of the book implies a sudden meaningas run is a powerful word and links to the thriller genre. Thecolour of this shot is dull and the focus is just on the book sothat the audience clearly see the word. 8. This low level shot shows contrasts between the colours blackand white. The characters are positioned in the middle andlook as if they are looking for something, this createssuspense upon the audience. 9. This medium shot is different to the others as it is colourful andhas a more softer tone to the lighting. This shot shows more tothe genre of the film as the character is psychologicallydreaming of this. 10. The font of the film used is strong as if it had been typed, thiscould link to the film narrative. The colour is the same as thestorm creating an metallic feel to show strength. The font alsolooks like it has been scratched away showing erosion and thespacing between the two words are close showing personalemotions within the film narrative.