Shutter island

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  • 1. Shutter island Melba fernandes

2. Genres: drama, mystery, psychological thriller 3. The font of the text is bold and metallic and stands out from the black background. This gives it a cold feel and sets the atmosphere for the rest of the film as mysterious and... 4. The film opens with a long shot of a boat appearing out of dense fog. This gives the impression that something is being hidden and adds mystery and also tension to the opening of the film. 5. The next shot is of Leonardo Dicaprios character throwing up. the lighting is dark and the only light is from a small window in the cabin, the lack of lighting could be a reflection of how the character is feeling in the given time. The high angle shot makes him seem small which adds to the fact that he is already feeling ill and so makes him even more inferior.The close up of the characters face captures the anxiety he feels as he looks out of a small window that shows the ocean. This helps to express how isolated and alone he is as there is only masses of water that surrounds him. Also this helps to create tension as the audience becomes aware of how the character has no way of escaping. 6. As he walks out of the bathroom the audience become aware of the fact that he is a detective from the clothing he is wearing, a top hat and long coat, which is a typical outfit for a detective from the 50s. 7. An eyelevel shot is used to show the audience the setting. The shot and the use of lighting (bright and natural) also helps to suggest that the character feels less seasick. This gives the audience a sense of false security. 8. An extreme wide shot is used to show the audience the setting of shutter island. The dull lighting gives it a cold and barren atmosphere creating suspense and mystery for the audience. Also the storm clouds could foreshadow turmoil for the characters in the film.