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  1. 1. Magazine AnalysisThe cover of Total FilmOctober 2009- Background on totaal filmmagazine what it features;films, games, etc
  2. 2. You can see from this picture thefull cover of the shutter islandissue of total film magazine. Itsshows a full body shot ofLeonardo DiCaprio allowing us toview his costume, lighting and tobe able to create an ideasurrounding his character. Thecostume he is wearing portrays asmart businessman, however thecostume looks slightly bedraggledas if the character has beenthrough an adventure or somekind of danger or distress thisintrigues the audience as theywant to find out what hashappened. The lighting of thepicture allows a mysterious air tobe created surrounding thecharacter this to adds to theaudiences intrigue, the lighting ofthe picture is extremely important.This picture very accuratelyportrays the film which is essentialfor a magazine cover featuring afilm.Magazine Cover
  3. 3. Mast HeadThe masthead is clear and to the point allows you to quickly and effectivelyidentify the genre of the magazine. The font they have chosen to use is simple andeasy to read this is essential for a magazine cover. The word total in the headingshows they include a wide range of films within the magazine, because they keepthe interests wide this allows many audiences to be attracted to their product.This is the banner from the magazine cover they have very effectively edited it so itfits in with the theme of the magazine as well as still being recognizable as TotalFilm. They way they have position the picture of DiCaprio means that people willimmediately see his face when identifying the magazine. It may also operate inanother way that means that you look at DiCaprio and then notice the name ofthe magazine identifying it. The mysterious figure at the end of the banner is lit upacross the face so to ensure you cant identify the figure, it also emitted a yellowlight which can be seen as a warning. The theme of the magazine cover isgenerally dark so the white of the title really stands out making it easy to notice.
  4. 4. Cover linesThis slide focuses of the cover lines of the magazine cover. I haveincluded 3 examples; The first is the cover line which runs across the topof the magazine greatest movie art ever this is in a contrasting redwhich stands out against the dark colour palette of the magazinecover. This also advertises one of the features within the magazineattracting the audience. The second example is the avatar feature itsgot everything by including an opinion it quickly allows you to see thatis a review. By including an opinion it also makes it seem more personalwhich would entice they audience to find out what someone thinksabout a certain film. The third example includes 3 separate cover lines,they have continued the colour theme of using the dark redand white as a contrast against the dark colour theme. Theyare also playing with the boldness and sizes of the fonts allow-peopleto be attracted to the coverline. Use of words such asplus and inside are words that attract the reader to insidethe magazine to read the features.
  5. 5. Main CoverlineThis is the main coverline I have chosen to analyseas is the main coverline as well as being the onewhich advertises shutter island. By clearly creatingthe link with the film it allows the audience to createthe connection between the magazine and thefilm. It also creates a link with the cover person Leotakes over the asylum, by using a familiar name toaddress Leonardo DiCaprio makes the audiencefilm as if the magazine is friendly with him and themay get more of an inside scoop. This also plays onthe celebrity obsession within society today. It alsocreates a comedic element with the use of thewords takes over playing on the horror idea ofsomething supernatural or in control, this comedicelement continues with familiar connection themagazine has with Leonardo DiCaprio. It continuesto follows the colour scheme of the film the deepred as well as the font used on the film posters. Byrunning similar themes between the film poster andthe magazine cover allows the connectionbetween the magazine and film to be made quicklyand clearly for the audience.
  6. 6. EssentialsThere is many essentials in which you have to include whencreating a magazine cover. These are often elements thatyou wouldnt choose to have on your magazine as they arenot ascetically pleasing however you have to include them.These essentials include; the barcode, the date. Theseessentials are located in different places on differentmagazines. This issue is quite uncommon as the date andissue number is positioned in the M of the mast head,normally these details are tucked away often at the bottomof the page or right in the corner of the cover.
  7. 7. Comparison BetweenYou can quickly identifysimilarities between the filmposter and magazine coverthis allows you to create theconnection between thetwo. Firstly is the title of thefilm is written in very similarfonts to allow you to createan identity which can berecognised by manyaudiences. Secondly bothhave highlighted they samefeatures on LeonardoDiCaprio the face howeverthey have used lightingdifferently to create mysterythough different ways. Theare both dark colourpalettes but differentintensities of darkness.