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Quizmaster: Darshil Shastri CRIC-BALL FINALS

Cricket-Football quiz-finals

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Quizmaster: Darshil ShastriCRIC-Ball finals

Each round has a different scoring pattern, which shall be mentionedPounce will be infinite till you make a mistake on the pounce.On the pounce, part answer shall not be accepted.Part points to be given at QMs discretion.Rules

You have 2 minutes.Write as many names you can, from the final shortlist of nominees for Ballon D Or 2015. For every correct name, you get 3 points.For every 5 correct names, a bonus of 10 points is added.Round 1.

Infinite Pounce till you make a mistake+10 on the pounce, +10 on the pounce for correct answer-10 on the pounce for the wrong answerPounce open till the team with the direct answers.

Round 2- Amul Posters


Greg Chappell resigns as the coach of Indian Cricket Team.A1.


#whoismariasharapova, when Russian did not recognize Sachin after her loss at Wimbledon in 2014A2.


After Indias exit from 2015 World Cup, to make fans forget about the loss



The Aussies lost Ashes 2015, trope of the debacle.A4.


Germany defeats Brazil 7-1A5.


For Robin van Persie, as he scored the flying header against Spain. A6


Drogba helping Chelsea beat Bayern Munich in 2012 UEFA Champions league finalA7.


Pepe headbutts Thomas Muller in Germany vs Portugal in 2014 World CupA8

In this round there will be total of 8 questionsAt the end of this round, 4 teams will be eliminatedThe first 4 questions are from football and the last 4 from cricketYou are to divide your entire points so far, among the 8 questions as you wish and submit it to the scorer.No bounce or pounce, teams have to attempt all questionsFor every correct answer, the score is added, and for wrong answer, you lose the points you bet on that question only. If you havent bet points on a question, it wont make a difference to your score.

Round 3: Ladbrokes

Q1. Football (rivalries)Q2. Football (coaches)Q3.Football (legends)Q4. Football (ISL)Q5. Cricket (IPL)Q6. Cricket (Sachin)Q7. Cricket (Umpires)Q8.Cricket (Nicknames)Divide all of your points now question wise, in any way you deem fit. You can put 0 against few if you want, all points on one question. Its your call.Brief of Questions

Q1. Write the Funda

During his 9 year tenure managing X, Y won the honours at a rate of 2.2 per season, which is only surpassed by Pep Guardiola.He is one of the 4 managers to have won the English top flight both as a manager and player.Apart from Carlo Ancelloti, he remains the only manager to have won the European Cup 3 times. Q2.

Nicknamed Blond Arrow, he is one of the greatest players of all time to have never played in the World Cup, despite playing for Argentina, Spain and Colombia.As a manager, he guided Boca Juniors and River plate in Argentina to titles, and later winning La Liga, Copa Del Ray and European Winners Cup with Valencia.Legend has it he was very close to joining a rival club, before he switched and went on to become one of the greatest players for the club he chose to play.Q3.

Having missed the inaugural season of ISL, this player currently is one of the leading goal-scorers in the tournamentApart from Ian Hume and Stevie Mendoza, he is the only player to have scored a hattrick this season.Q4.

Q5. identify

Q6. The popular nickname for this century by sachin

A pitch invasion followed the West Indies' 17-run win in the inaugural Cricket World Cup. A number of players and umpires had items of their playing outfits "souvenired" by the crowd. A year later, X was a passenger on a bus in South London, when he noticed the conductor was wearing a white hat very similar to the one he favoured, and asked the conductor where he obtained it from."Man, haven't you heard of Mr X," he replied. "This is one of his hats. I took it off his head at the World Cup final... we all ran onto the field and I won the race."Q7. Identify x.

This bowler, was nicknamed the Bombay Duck, after a remarkable trot of 7 ducks against Australia.Apart from this, his only century as a Test batsman came surprisingly at Lords, when he made 109 not out in a test match.He also held the record for the fastest fifty, when he made 67 in 25 bowls at Rajkot.Currently, he sits 3rd on ODI wicket taking list for India, with 288 wickets.


A1. Usain Bolt forced to wear Arsenal jersey, after Arsenal beat united 3-0at Emirates this yearA2. Bob PaisleyA3. Alfred Di StefanoA4. Sunil ChhetriA5. Richard MadleyA6. Sandstorm century/Desert StormA7. Dickie BirdA8. Ajit Agarkar.


12 Questions in allInfinite Pounce till you make a mistake in the pounce.On any 2 questions, you can use Powerplay and for that answer you get 20 points+10 for direct, no negative+10 on the pounce, -10 for incorrect answer.Round 4:

There have been 4 finals so far played in the city of Munich so far, one in Allianz Arena and previous 3 in Olympiastadion.Chelsea won the finals in 2012, while the previous 3 winners were Nottingam Forest in 1979, Dortmund in 1997 and Olympique Marseille in 1993.What connects all these victories of Munich?Q1.

Each final of UEFA played in Munich has resulted in a first time winner.A1.

Q2. Funda

A2. Robert Lewandowski touch map: 5 goals, 9 touches

Previously, this record was held by Chaminda Vaas, which he achieved after playing 96 test matches.During the course of this innings, India achieved the landmark of having first 8 partnerships cross 50 runs, whiles James Anderson conceded 180 runs.This remained the only century by an Indian batsman in that series of 2007.Q3.

A3. Anil kumbles century

Following this series result, then popular comedian, Rory Bremmer, sang a song about the debacle in the song, N-n-nineteen Not Out, in reference to the average score of David Gower, the English team captain, and average of most English batsman by the end of the series.Till this date, this remains the only touring team to have achieved this feat.Which team, and which tour?Q4.

A4. West indies tour of england in 1984



2011: Logo of Fleetwood FC


Q5. Give the connect. Player name.

A5. Jamie vardy

He made his Test debut, batting at the 7th position, against England.He made vital partnerships with Sourav Ganguly and Javagal Srinath, and was on 95, when he nicked a delivery of Chris Lewis.5 runs from a debut century at Lords, he walked before the umpire even gave his decision.

Q6. Identify the player


Till today, 5 English Sides have won the UEFA Champions League.4 of them are Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Nottingham Forest.Name the 5th English side to have won the UCL.Q7.

A7. Aston villa

Nicknamed the Black Spider, till this date, he remains the only goalkeeper to be awarded with the Ballon DOr.With over 151 penalties saved in his career and 270 clean sheets, he is considered by many as the greatest goalkeeper ever.Spent his entire career playing at Dynamo Moscow, who is this legendary goalkeeper?Q8.

A8. Lev yashin

Mohammed AzaruddinGreg ChappelBill PonsfordRA DuffAndy GanteaumeRodney RedmondQ9. connect

Only players to score a century on debut and in their last innings.A9.

Q10. Whats been blanked out?



Took two wickets of the last delivery in this match, and went to World War II, and never played First Class Cricket again, thus remaining on hattrick for 72 years, till his death in 2011.A11.

William Henry Ashdown (27 December 1898 15 September 1979) was an English cricketer, who first played in 1914 and later returned to play again in 1947, aged 48. Dinkar Balwant Deodhar (14 January 1892 24 August 1993) was an Indian cricketer, called Grand Old Man of Indian Cricket, and played matches from 1911-48. Q12 . Inexhaustive but very small list. Connect the two.

The only two known cricketers to have played cricket before World War I and after World War 2.Aa12.

Both the team score is set to zero.The first round is a list, based on the points collected, the team with higher points gets an advantage.The 2nd round is a penalty shootout.Finals

Make a list of the current ICC top 10 ODI batsman, and top 10 ICC Test bowlers.Ranking can be in any order, but the name should be in top 10.For every correct name 5 points, and for every 5 correct names, 10 points bonus.Round 5

1D.W. SteynSA9052Yasir ShahPAK8273J.M. AndersonENG8244S.C.J. BroadENG8175T.A. BoultNZ8146M.G. JohnsonAUS7737V.D. PhilanderSA7708R. AshwinIND7609H.M.R.K.B. HerathSL75110T.G. SoutheeNZ713

1A.B. de VilliersSA9002V. KohliIND8043K.S. WilliamsonNZ7884T.M. DilshanSL7815H.M. AmlaSA7766M.S. DhoniIND7417S DhawanIND7308R.L. TaylorNZ7289G.J. MaxwellAUS71710Q. de KockSA715


10 auestions10 seconds per questionThe team with more points gets to pick if they want to shoot or save.The team that shoots get the question. After the question is read, if the other team taps first and answers correctly, its a save. If they answer incorrectly, the other team gets a chance again.The team on the direct, if they answer, its a score, else its a missed penalty.After 6 questions, if both teams are on level score, rules of sudden death apply.

Penalty shootout

Which football player has been nicknamed Der Bomber?Q1.

Gerd MullerA1.

Which cricketer has been aptly nicknamed Whispering Death?Q2.

Michael HoldingA2.

Bob Crisp, a South African cricketer, holds a unique distinction in first class cricket, and he shares this honour in the international arena with Lasith Malinga.What unique record?Q3.

4 wickets in 4 ballsA3.

Name the most notable non-footballing personality to have won the FIFA Order of Merit, for bringing football back to a nation suffering from ________.Q4.

Nelson MandelaA4.

If El Classico is played between Real Madrid and Barcelona, which two teams play the Superclasicao?Q5.

River Plate and Boca JuniorsA5.

If India and Australia play the Border Gavaskar trophy, which trophy does West Indies and Australia play for?Q6.

Frank Worrell TrophyA6.

Q7. Identify

Sudhir MishraA7.

Q8. Identify

Brazil Superfan: Clovio Fernandez.A8.

The Manzanares stadium, as it was originally known, is situated in the heart of Madrid. It was renamed after the famous club president, to _________?Q9.

Vincente Caulderon (stadium of Atletico Madrid)A9.

One of the most iconic cricket stadiums of India, and even the world, it derives its name from the sisters of Lord Auckland, and a famous park in the city.Q10.

Eden Gardens.A10.

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