Cricket Quiz,Stumped - Finals

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Finals3 Rounds

Round 1: Ajab Stadium ki Gajab Kahani6 Stadiums, Written round+5 for each correct+10 if all correct







Exchange Sheets

Round 2: Bouncers and Pouncers 12 QuestionsFirst 6 clockwise, 7-12 anticlockwise+20 -10 on the pounce+20 on bounce1 wrong pounce and you loose the pounce for that cycle.

1.Steve Waugh and Marlon Samuels used Y for all the good reasons. However, after X used it for sending all the wrong signals, Y lost its innocence and came under scrutiny every time a player mentioned Y or displayed Y during a match.

X and Y?

AnswerX- SreesanthY- Towel

2.Erapalli PrasannaSrinivas VenkataraghavanBhagwat Chandrasekhar X

They were collectively known as the Indian Spin Quartet.Between them, they played 231Test matches, taking 853 wickets. They were one of the most deadly combinations in world cricket, especially on the dusty sub-continental pitches.Id X

AnswerBishan Singh Bedi


AnswerChris martins no .of test innings vs his runs as a batsmen over the years

4.Which series?


5.Only two instances in the history of what?

AnswerTied Test ,a tie is distinct from a draw, which occurs when play concludes without victory by either team (except where a Test has been formally abandoned).

6.According to an ICC release, the players were charged under two counts of the ICC Code of Conduct."..Conduct unbecoming to their status which could bring them or the game of cricket into disrepute," and Level 2.4 which relates to "inappropriate and deliberate physical contact between players in the course of play."X hit the third ball of an Y over for four and there was then a verbal exchange between the two players. X then looked to work the ball on the onside. The ball deflected out onto the off-side,X took a single and, in the process, batsman and bowler collided.A heated altercation took place between the two players that forced umpire Ian Gould of the Emirates International Panel, standing at the bowler's end, to intervene."Both players pleaded not guilty to the charges but even if the collision between them was viewed as an accident I still felt it was inappropriate."On top of that, there was a build up to that incident and then they stood toe-to-toe arguing in mid-pitch immediately afterwards," Mahanama said.Which 2 players?



AnswerKarnataka Premier League


AnswerTeams who represented South Africa in CLT20

9.In a triangular tournament in Australia with Zimbabwe, Australia and West Indies, Zimbabwe played their final match with Australia and X got a chance in the team. Australia scored 303 meaning that he came in at number seven needing to score 15 to win the match in the final over, which was to be bowled by Glenn McGrath. X moved across to the first and third balls he received from McGrath and flicked them over his shoulder to fine leg for boundaries, reviving hopes of an incredible Zimbabwe victory. But he was just unable to complete the job, and his team lost by two runs. His two courageous and unorthodox boundary strokes made him famous, with the shot becoming known as the X shot.

X continued to do reasonably well for the national side. In 2002 he Xed" Zimbabwe to a famous win in India in an One Day International at Faridabad,India with 56 not out at the death, although this time he used the shot against Zaheer Khan.Player after whom the shot is named?

Answer Douglas Marillier

10.There are around 25 official occurences of this(there must be a few more, unrecorded) in International Test Cricket. It is a pretty common occurrence nowadays due to the T20 phenomenon but is a rare occurrence in Tests. In fact, surprisingly, the likes of MS Dhoni, Chris Cairns, Chris Gayle, Graeme Smith are all part of this list interests, but more interestingly, Muttiah Muralidharan features in the list a record 3 times! What cricketing occurrence in tests am I referring to?

AnswerHitting a six off the first ball in Test innings

11.Whose LinkedIn Profile?

AnswerShane Bond

12.Exhaustive list of what?Sunil Gavaskar,Len Hutton,George Headley,Brian Lara,Graeme Pollock,Wally Hammond,Adam Gilchrist,Imran Khan,Fred Trueman,Dennis Lillee,Muttiah Muralitharan.

AnswerAlternate XI to Wisdens All Time Test XI

Round 3: Mega Connect7 slides connecting to a central themePoints for the connect on the slide+5 for individual slides till you crack the connect

1. +80 -40X live in Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. The group is made up of some 60 Pushto-speaking tribes. X also known as Pakhtuns, Pashtuns, Pushtuns, and Pakhtoons, number some 10 million in Pakistan and some 8 million in Afghanistan. They make up the largest ethnocultural group in Afghanistan.

2. +70 -35X is one of the Free Cities located on the continent of Essos. It lies east of Westeros, across the Narrow Sea. It is the northern-most, the richest, and arguably the most powerful of the Free Cities.

3. +60 -30X is a wetland that is dominated by herbaceous rather than woody plant species. X can often be found at the edges of lakes and streams, where they form a transition between the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. They provide habitat for many types of plants and animals that have adapted to living in flooded conditions.

What is X?

4. +40 -20He hosts one of the longest running knowledge quiz game show on Indian television. He won the award for Best Anchor of a Game/Quiz Show at the Hero Honda Indian Television Academy Awards in 2003. He conducts inter-school quiz contests not only India, but also in United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal.Who is he?

5. +30 -15X is worth 12 points in Scrabble, and 13 points in Words with Friends. There are 5 letters inX: A G H U W.

6. +20 -10X is a religious place of fellowship, prayer and worship that is attached to a larger, often nonreligious institution or that is considered an extension of a primary religious institution.(Not only related to Christianity)

7. +10

Answer (Surnames)Brothers Pair in Cricket1)Pathans2)Braavos (Bravo)3)Marshland (Marsh)4)Derek OBrien (OBrien)5)Waugh6)Chapel ( Chapell )7)Akmal Brothers