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Beyond a Boundary 2015

Finals!42 Questions in a 7 by 6 grid. Points on bounce & pounce(equal on negative)-Level 1- 10Level 2- 15Level 3- 20Level 4- 25Level 5- 30Level 6- 402 Pounces per topic!Life lines! You can evade a negative by dropping a team member

Jeopardizing it!Topic123456Tests101520253040FC Cricket101520253040ODIs (WC Spl)101520253040T20s101520253040Grey101520253040Misc 1101520253040Misc 2101520253040Test CricketLevel 1-65. What precisely are we talking about here?It's happened close to 90 times now, with the first instance by England in two of the matches in the 1893 Ashes, and the last time they managed it was in the Centenary Testat Melbournein 1976-77. The most recent occasions are arguably the most notable though - in three Tests in Australia in 1984-85, West Indies achieved the same, thus becoming the only side other than England to have managed it. The record for a match is 20, by England and Australiaat Lord's in 1953.1. Connect the following cricketers, also name 2 people who would make this list in a unique way, thus making it exhaustive.

And the Answer isCenturies on test debut & in final test | Andy GanteaumeandRodney Redmond

HOME3. Exhaustive list of 2 cricketers; Who? Or rather what precisely connects them?

4. Name the 2 cricketers involved in the incident described below.In the North Zone vs West Zone Duleep Trophy final in 1990-91, on of Indian crickets most controversial incidents ensued:Our protagonist and this one test wonder had been needling each other throughout a fractious final, but it was on the final afternoon that tempers finally snapped. North Zone were already assured of the title having amassed a huge 729 for 9 in their first innings, with _______'s 180 an integral performance. Thus apparently the revenge- It was senseless, yet far from unprovoked, wrote Wisden, as another beamer was aimed at _______s head, he then followed up by uprooting a stump and chasing the stunned batsman all the way to the boundary. A crowd riot ensued, unsurprisingly, and both men were banned for their actions.

5. The three batsmen scored a century in each innings of the following Ranji tie; hence creating a world record. Name them/ also this match saw another WR, what was it?

6. Identify this cricketr and FITB with his unique record. This South African cricketers Wisden obituary read: One of the most extraordinary men ever to play Test cricket. and further goes on to add, statistics are absurd for such a man. On the cricketing front, he twice _________, something which has no other bowler has done again in first class cricket.

There are certain statistics however that even Wisden could not tally. He climbed the Mount Kilimanjaro twice. Thrice he was busted down the rank and re-promoted during service in the British Army and apparently had blown up 6 tanks during his service in North Africa.

1. Below mentioned is the career & CI profile of a World Cupper, who is currently part of a 3 member exhaustive list. Come the 2015 edition, another former cricketer will be added to this exhaustive list . What precisely is this list all about/ who will be added to it?A landscape consultant who moved to Kenya in the late 1950s, his World Cup career was a cameo in hindsight. He was 43 when his team was invited, thus eventually he played in just two matches, went wicketless in both, and sadly never played a List A match again.

2. For what precisely do we remember this World Cupper for?This cricketer started of his 1st World Cup by scoring 62 runs and scalping 3 quick wickets against England in his 1st and 2nd outings. Just after this edition, he joined the MCC Young Cricketers Program and soon afterwards, scored a 38-ball century the fastest in the history of MCC Young Cricketers. We however remember him for something completely different, what would that be?

3. How would you connect the following images?

4. How would you connect the following cricketers to a unique WC and ODI feat?

5. Identify the cricketer/what are we talking about? With a first class career spanning almost 2 decades, he played illustriously for Gloucestershire andNorthamptonshireuntil retiring towards the end of the last century.

His most famous international performance is however often lost, perhaps in the glory of someone who overshadowed his effort or possibly a different non-cricketing reason.

6. How would you connect these cricketers/ whose inclusion would make it exhaustive?

1. Who is the bowler involved here & what precisely did he follow up his record spell with?Although Nuwan Kulasekara and Bhuvaneshwar Kumar bowled the most economical spells in t20 in the international level, they did not bowl their full quota of 4 overs. The record stands out to be a miserly spell of bowling by this bowler who recorded figures of 4-1-3-0 in a domestic T20 competition. He upstaged himself in the very next match though, achieving something unique in T20 cricket.2. There have been only five instances of this rare feat in T20 cricket. The fourth player which has been blanked out is an Indian who did this in 2013. What precisely did he do/ what is the list all about?

PLAYERMATCHVENUEYEAR1AHMED HAYATFaislabad Wolves vs. Karachi DolphinsLahore20052CHITANGA PERERABasnahira S vs. Wayamba

Colombo (SSC) 20093ADRIAN BARATHPakistanis vs. Northants

20104 20135DEVON THOMASHawksbills v Amazon

20133. What made the Last Man Stands tournament stand out in 2013?The Last Man Stands Tournament is a unique tournament organised in 6 different countries, having a very different set of rules with each side comprising of just 8 players.

Usually a low key affair, the South Africa edition hogged the limelight during the 2013 edition of a remarkable invitation/inclusion. Such was the effect that it was carried forward to the event in England.

4. These 2 cricketers are the only ones to have the distinction in T20, as short as the list is, there have been 7 & 16 instances in Test matches & ODIs respectively.

6. Identify this Pakistani cricketer/ What precisely did he do in this match?In a match of the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Twenty20 memorial tournament in 2008, this Port Qasim pacer did something very rare and bizzare, a feat which promises to remain unmatched.He later cited that he was suffering from a leg strain while the officials maintained physical and mental fatigue as a reason for the same.

1. Who is the cricketer and what is he referring to?

2. What did this place serve as?The 2005 Wisden Almanack reported - with a barely concealed schoolboy grin - that police had raided a unique place in Temple Road, Mount Lavinia, which for the past 10 years had been catering to a specific group of people. An undercover cop had apparently cracked the case, thus jeopardizing the occupants and the ones associated with there.

4. Who/what would connect these 2 cricketers & the respective matches?

5. FITB with the missing chapters name which is a reference to what the hosts were up to, and part of an extremely famous proverb.The 1998 bookSave the Last Ball for Meby the workaday New Zealand seamer Chris Pringle would have been unremarkable, but for a chapter called __________, when he admitted carving up a ball with a bottletop during a Test inFaisalabadin 1990, as New Zealand strongly suspected the Pakistan bowlers were doing something similar.

One side was still shiny, he wrote about his handiwork, but there were lots of grooves and lines and deep gouges on the other side. It was so obvious! In that match Pringle took 11 for 152: in 13 other bottletop-free Tests he managed only 19, at an average of 65.

The English touring team not called MCC (1976) & consequently not wearing MCC colours (1996-97)

HOME1. Whats unique about this group of players?Shem Ngoche, Jadhavji Bhimji, Gurdeep Singh, Hamza Malik, Jimmy Kamande, James Ngoche, Alex Obanda, Eugene Ochieng, Nelson Odhiambo, Nehemiah Odhiambo, Lucas Oluoch, Elijah Otieno, Morris Ouma, Kennedy Owino and Emmanuel Bundi

And the Answer isOnly cricketers to start off the game as a WK and then take a hattrick subsequently HOME4. The Solitary Test!There are currently around 20 grounds that have held just one Test match. Some - like Bogra, Fatullah and Khulna in Bangladesh - may well have more in future. But there are 11 that probably won't (defunct, mostly). Interestingly two of them come from the same city in India.

Where? And name the stadiums.And the Answer isRaman Lamba & Rashid Patel

HOME1. T20 hitters!The way they hit it, they're more than welcome to bat at the top of the order. I might have to slide down a few spots, is what Aaron Finch, the T20 captain of the Australian Team had to say about them. During the 2014 Big Bash, Muttiah Muralitharan and Aaron Finch, playing for Melbourne Renegades, took time out to give them some cricketing lessons and they were pretty much impressed by their skills. Who was Aaron Finch talking about or whom did they actually train?

And the Answer isVijay Merchant, Madhusudan Rege & DG Phadkar | Most Runs scored in a FC matchBombay started by scoring 651 (Sunil Gavaskar's uncle Madhav Mantri made 200, Vijay Merchant's brother Uday 143, and Dattu Phadkar 131). Maharashtra replied with 407 (Manohar Datar 143, Madhusudan Rege 133). Bombay, with the first-innings lead that almost guaranteed them a place in the final, had no need for a challenging declaration, and eventually called a halt at 714 for 8 (Merchant added 156 and Phadkar 160). Actually itwasquite a challenging declaration, as Maharashtra were left needing to score 959 to win! They made a pretty fair effort, reaching 604: Rege made 104 and Sharad Deodhar 146. Bombay eventually won by 354 runs: their Test slow left-a