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Cricket World Cup Quiz IIITH finals

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  1. 1. Round-2
  2. 2. Field Restrictions One Question per team. +10 / -5
  3. 3. Where(Venue) was the final held, when the cricket world cup was held for the first time out of England?
  4. 4. Eden Gardens, Kolkata
  5. 5. Who awarded this trophy to the 'GOD'?
  6. 6. Sir Garfield Sobers
  7. 7. Ideas can change the game! Kerry Packer had popularised the idea with World Series Cricket in the 1970s, but the ICC gave the concept a big push when Australia and New Zealand co-hosted the most spectacular World Cup till then in 1992. Which 'idea' is being referred here?
  8. 8. Flood Light Matches
  9. 9. Identify this terrific fielder?
  10. 10. Dwayne Leverock This was in a 2007 World Cup match against India. Remember whose catch he took?
  11. 11. Thanks to A.B. de Villiers masterclass, fastest 150 from just 64 balls, South Africa became the first team to break the 400 barrier in an one-day international on Australian soil. And what did they make? 408. This was considered as a tribute to Phil Hughes. What is the significance of numbers 408 and 64 in the context?
  12. 12. Phil Hughes' Test Cap no. and ODI Jersey no.
  13. 13. Identify the bowler responsible for this scorecard?
  14. 14. Chaminda Vaas
  15. 15. - Trick There have been 8 instances in all of a hat-trick in world cups. Out of these, two of them have come out in a losing cause. Can you name the bowlers involved in it?
  16. 16. Malinga and Steven Finn
  17. 17. Hello! My name is ...?
  18. 18. Stumpy Mascot of 2011 World Cup Held in India
  19. 19. Time to take risk! Front foot back foot Why 4, when 6 is more?
  20. 20. Who is X? Zimbabwes first ODI match in history was against a well-established Australian side, with no player having had previous experience of one-day cricket at the highest level. The 1983 World Cup match will not just be remembered for Zimbabwe's first win in an ODI. It will also be remembered for the genius of captain 'X', the man that scripted it, hitting 69 not out and then taking 4 for 42.
  21. 21. Duncan Fletcher
  22. 22. Identify X and Y The first ever hat-trick in a World Cup match was taken by Player X in 1987. In the same match, another legendary batsman Y scored the lone century of his ODI career.
  23. 23. X - Chetan Sharma Y - Sunil Gavaskar
  24. 24. Identify A,B,C,D 2003 Despite Player A's brilliant six-wicket haul, New Zeland lost the match to Australia, thanks to a five-wicket haul from Player 'B' which blew up the kiwi's tail. 2015 Despite Player C's awesome six-wicket haul, Australia lost the match to New Zeland. Earlier Player 'D' had rattled Australian line-up with a fiery five-wicket haul.
  25. 25. 2003 2015
  26. 26. Identify the Bowler Bowler 'X' came running in to bowl the final ball but stopped just before delivering it ,as he found Jaffar backing up too far at the non-striker's end. 'X', who eventually ended with figures of 4 for 40 again ran in to bowl the last ball, off which two were required, with Abdul Qadir on strike, but stopped before delivering the ball due to Saleem Jaffar backing up too far at the non- striker's end. However, he chose not to run Jaffar out and headed back to his mark. The Pakistan government had given him an award in the form of a medal for showing this gesture.
  27. 27. Courtney Walsh
  28. 28. 2003 Ricky Ponting 2011 Mahela Jayawardena (Centurions in World Cup Finals)
  29. 29. Bad decisions make you pay! Unbeaten South Africa were huge favorites to beat struggling West Indies in the 1996 World Cup. But in the knockouts,South Africa had decided to leave out Allan Donald for this match to bring in the extra spinner in Paul Adams, in hindsight it proved to be an ill-advised move. West Indian Player 'X' who came at no.3, unleashed a brilliant knock of 111 to steer West Indies into the semis.
  30. 30. BC Lara
  31. 31. Unexpected exit of the favourites New Zealand's captain 'X' had to decide whether to rest in the 1992 semi-final against Pakistan or risk aggravating his injury. After New Zeland posted a formidable 262, 'X' felt comfortable to sit out during the Pakistan innings and allow his deputy, 'Y', to take over. Pakistan were 140 for 4 after 35 overs, needing 123 from the final 15. But then Z's blitzkrieg 37-ball 60 took away the match from New Zeland. Identify the Players X,Y and Z.
  32. 32. X Martin Crowe Y John Wright Z Inzamam-ul-Haq
  33. 33. No one provokes the Master! It was the 2003 World Cup and 'X', just before the match said that he worked out a way to get Sachin out cheaply. He made the mistake of provoking Sachin and spoke about him being just another batsman. He also said that perhaps the short ball might do the trick against the Indian batting line-up. The talk saw Sachin single out 'X' for special treatment including a pull shot for a spectacular six over mid-wicket and out of the stadium in Durban. For many, it remains the shot of the tournament it was violent, it was graceful, it was pure Sachin. In the same match, a brilliant bowling performance by Bowler 'Y' for India, who ended up with his career-best 23/6 saw India wrap up things convincingly.
  34. 34. X Andrew Caddick Y Ashish Nehra
  35. 35. He kept us alive with a mesmerising show against South Africa and then totally blew Pakistan apart in the final. I had the best seat in the world to watch him bowl and he was terrific Who said this ? on whom?
  36. 36. Adam Gilchrist on Shane Warne (1999 World Cup)
  37. 37. And that's why cricket is called Gentlemen's Game Captain 'X', though devasted by his team's unexpected loss to the opponents, showed a gesture of true sportsmanship. Once back in his hotel room, he asked opponent team's Player 'Y' if he could see him in his room. 'Y', not knowing what to expect, knocked on the door of 'X' with a little trepidation. To Y's surprise, X presented him with a signed bat as a token of his appreciation. Y later quoted: I'm overwhelmed. For him to do so after his team's chances in the World Cup had taken a knock shows the spirit in which X plays his cricket. We now have a number of admirers for him in our dressing room.
  38. 38. X Rahul Dravid Y Tamim Iqbal
  39. 39. Think and Link +15/-5
  40. 40. Put Fun da... - Sabina Park, Kingston - M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore - Saxton Oval, Nelson
  41. 41. Venues of Ireland's memorable World Cup triumphs against the big names (The flags denote the countries against whom they won)
  42. 42. What is Special?
  43. 43. Only Players to score 3 or more centuries in a single edition of the World Cup
  44. 44. Connect
  45. 45. Only Players to hit winning runs in World Cup finals
  46. 46. Google Trend of what? March 2011 CWC. May 2012 SRK. April 2011 - ???
  47. 47. Poonam Pandey You know why ;-)
  48. 48. Batting Powerplay :-) (Long Visual Connect)
  49. 49. +60/-30
  50. 50. +50/-25
  51. 51. +40/-20
  52. 52. +30/-15
  53. 53. +20/-10
  54. 54. +10/-5
  55. 55. Progression of Highest Individual Scores in World Cups
  56. 56. Fill the blanks... Gary Sobers vs Malcolm Nash (County) Ravi Shastri vs Tilak Raj (Ranji) ---------------- vs --------------- (CWC 2007) Yuvraj Singh vs Stuart Broad (T20WC 2007)
  57. 57. Hershelle Gibbs vs Dan Van Bunge (6 sixes in an over)
  58. 58. Who are the missing ones? 1975 Prudential 1979 Prudential 1983 - Prudential 1987 - ??? 1992 Benson and Hedges 1996 - ???
  59. 59. 1987 Reliance 1996 Wills
  60. 60. Who said this? I am feeling bad that we lost the game but I am happy that I took a hat-trick. The old ball was going to reverse and I got the wickets. I tried to get five in a row but unfortunately didn't get it.
  61. 61. Lasith Malinga (After his 4-consecutive wickets in 2007 went in vain)
  62. 62. I can never forget the tension. The whole of India wanted us to win. You can't get away from this pressure of winning against Pakistan at all costs. We played like a team and won. It was one of the finest moments of my life. My wife told me that no less than 5,000 people celebrated outside my house in Patiala after the victory.
  63. 63. Navjot Singh Sidhu (After his heroics in the 1992 WC Match against Pakistan)