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Sports Trinity(Tennis, Cricket, and Football) quiz - Finals

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Dries 1

1.X is a professional football player. He is considered to be the epitome of a one club man.He has won several awards including the winner of the UEFA under -21 championships in 1996, 5 time winner of the Player of the year in his respective league, multiple international team of the years, as well as the world cup winner and assist leader in ____. He is the only player to be present in every single FIFA Game since its inception.X?

Francesco Totti

2. The woman shown is an American Actress. What is her relation to Cricket and Cricket commentary?

Michelle Pfiffer, or Fiver = Five wicket Haul

3.Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Born Bjorg, Rod Laver. Four of perhaps the greatest players of Tennis ever, Quite apart from being legends, they have also accomplished another daunting task, which is to win a Channel Open, in the same year. So.What is a channel Open, and why is it considered daunting?

Win Roland Garros and Wimbledon back to back. Daunting=drastic change in playing surfaces

4.X? Put FundaThe ball is never soiled.Love football above all else.Declare unconditional love for X and the beauty of football.Defend the _________ shirt.Spread the news of X's miracles throughout the universe.Honour the temples where he played and his sacred shirts.Don't proclaim X as a member of any single team.Preach and spread the principles of the Church of X.Make X your middle name.Name your first son X.

X- Diego MaradonaIglesia Maradonas ten commandments

5.X was a keen cricketer and played quite a bit of cricket between 1899 and 1907, for the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC)His highest was against London County, 43, and took just one first class wicket.William Y was an English cricketer who also happened to be an umpire for Xs first first class match.Y was an extremely fast bowler with a deadly Yorker, and Xs appreciation for his Yorker, made the close association which we know today in popular culture.Take a hint from the beginning of the year, and give me X and Y.

X- Sir A.C.DY-Mycroft

6. This is Marcelo Rios.He holds a distinguished and remarkable feat in Tennis for which hes receiving that weird wing shaped award.What feat?

World no. 1 without winning a grand slam

7. FITB_______ _______ Theyre in defense_______ _______ their futures immense_______ _______ They aint half bad_______ _______ is their dad.

Neville Neville

8.X is a country of certain prowess. They have a decent history with a couple of world cup wins, and a few legends that they gave to the world. Of late theyve been on the rise again. But for all their merits, they remain the only ever team in Test History to be bowled out twice in a day.X?


9. Goran Ivanesvic wasnt your ideal, polite Tennis player.He was quite ill-mouthed and short temperedIn the 2000 Samsung Open, he did something which led him to forfeit a match. It became the only other way to lose a tennis match apart from defeat, injury or violating the competitions code of conduct.He said : The thing is, every match I play is against five people, The umpire, ball boys, crowd, opponent and myselfWhat did he do?

Smashed all the five racquets he had

10.Thiago Motta is a Brazilian born Italian player, and Diego Costa is a Bazillian born Spanish PlayerTheyve both got the chance to represent both countries, but theyve stuck to one nationHowever, X went one over on every such player, and represented Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro in three individual WCs.X was a considered to be one of the best centre midfielders to have been at Internazionale.X?

Dejan Stankovic

11.Nuwan Kulasekra and Bhuwaneshwar Kumar bowled the most economical spells in T20 International cricket, while Umar Gul had the ridiculous bowling figures of 5 wickets for 6 runs, but none of them bowled out their four oversIn a domestic match, the legend of mystery, X bowled 4-1-3-2.In the following match, he did something even more breathtaking and spectacular for which he is regarded as one of the deadliest bowlers of all time.Who? What feat?

Sunil Narine, Maiden Super over

12. In 1985, (same year as Boris Becker on his first mens singles championship) Leonardo Lavalle Moreno won his maiden Wimbledon boys title.What was unique about this win?

Boris Becker was younger than Moreno.

Round 2List

Players who scored 200 in ODI

Sachin TendulkarVirendra SehwagRohit SharmaMartin GuptillChris Gayle

#RAJU STYLZList the playing 11 for India in the T20 WC final in 2007

MS DhoniGautam GambhirYusuf PathanIrfaan PathanYuvraj SinghSreesanthHarbhajan SinghJoginder SharmaRudra Pratap SinghRobin UthappaRohit Sharma

Round 3 : Connect

Connect + XXDavis Cup 2015 1st Round: Argentina Leonardo Mayer def. Brazil Joo Souza French Open 2004, 1st Round: France Fabrice Santoro def. France Arnaud Clment, Davis Cup 1982, Quarterfinals: United States John McEnroe def. Sweden Mats Wilander,Davis Cup 1987, World Group Play-offs: West Germany Boris Becker def. United States John McEnroe

Longest tennis matches, John Isner vs. Nicholas Mahut

Andre AgassiMartina HingisMartic CilicRichard GasquetFranz StauderJohn McinroeMaria Sharapova


Connect and XSteffi GraffSerena WilliamsMargaret CourtMaria SharapovaChris EvertX

Career SlamsMartina Navratilova

Round 4: ID

Exchange sheets


jJurgen Klopp


Sir Bobby Charlton

Hugo Sanchez

Dries 2#Rajustylz round

1. Who is the subject of these comments?Johan Cryuff : Fantastic. FANTASTIC. To do something like that, spectacular. Robbie Fowler : It wasnt a great game, to be honest. But even moments like these, which need not be an incredible goal can be etched into historyTrevor Sinclair : It wasnt just the ____ per se. It was the magnitude of what he had done, the risk he took, and what he pulled off. Hell, Zlatan at his best couldnt pull that off.

Rene Higuaitas Scorpion kick clearance

2. Just identify the subject of these memes.

UranusNeptune Planet X

A.B. de Villiers

3. FITBAgassi on Federer :Ive not of course played too much professionally with him. But he is just so good. I mean Ive seen people play shots like that, to the edge of one court, dropped near the net, then lobbed back and smashed that man can do it all.The only thing that reminds me of playing against him, is one other match Ive played in my life, against ____. It was so daunting and so exhausting, and thats exactly what its like to play against him.

This gave rise to the quote in Tennis : ____ cant be beaten.

The Wall.

4. FITBThe last time the dutch squad didnt have a ___ with them was in 1996.___ has been an associated identity with the Dutch.Its almost as if ___ is their biggest strength, and obviously can be their biggest weakness.Captains have been ___s, Red carded players have been ___s and so have goalkeepers.


5. Just give me the blue blanks.

2014, Argentina and Germany

6. X and Y?Did you know that the tiebreaker, or tiebreak, was invented by James Van Alen in 1965?

Originally, two types of tiebreakers were introduced in the game by Van Alen. The one that would end after a maximum of 9 points was called the X tiebreaker, while the one with 12 points was called the Y tiebreak. The 12-points tiebreak continues until one player or team wins by a margin of at least two points and with a minimum of 7 points. X and Y interestingly signify not the type of win, but the type of loss..

X- Sudden DeathY-Lingering Death.

7. X is the only player to have played the premier League whose name is made completely out of Roman Numeral representations.IT is almost fitting how this suits his gladiatorly style of play, A demon on the pitch and defence. Identify this legendary leader of men.

8. Just put funda.

All four innings on the same day.

9. Playing surfaces have always been of great curiosity in Tennis terms.Clay, Hard, X, Carpet and Wood are the five types of court surfaces used in professional tennis.Give me X, keeping in mind that not every shot may be a smash.


10. Answer the given question.(5)Funda.(5)As the question goes, Sunderland did it in 1979, Villa did it in 1981. Who did it in 1980?

The answer isnt another team as you may expect, but is in fact Trevor Brooking. For Brooking scored the winning goal in the 1980 FA Cup Final for West Ham, much like Alan Sunderland did for Arsenal in 1979 and Ricky Villa did for Tottenham in 1981.


Remained on a hattrick for 72 years

12.X is a phenomenon. Not a style or statement.X happens to be an identity even to some.Sometimes you cant see the name on the back of the shirt, but you can see the X.Sergio Batista (1986) and Gennaro Gattuso (2006) are apparently the only 2 players to have won the World Cup with an X.X?


Thats all folks, Thanks for Playing!

Tiebreaker. Every player dreams of representing their nation, but as far as international careers go, surely there are none more strange than X.Uncapped for Argentina, X was selected for the first ever World Cup in 1930. After missing the first game, he was selected for his debut as a replacement for the unfit first choice and bagged a hat trick. He then scored 2 goals in the final group game to secure qualification to the semi finals (as there were less teams competing). He bagged another brace in the semi final, before netting a single goal in their unsuccessful final versus winners Uruguay.After this tournament, X never played for Argentina again. This meant that in his international career, he could boast having scored a hat trick on his debut, scoring in every game he played for the national side, a goals per game ratio of two (four games, eight goals), and being the top scorer at the first ever FIFA World Cup.

Guillerme Stabile

Shahid Afridi was flown in to play for the Pakistan team from West Indies to Nairobi in 1996 and didn't have a proper bat. That's when Waqar Younis gave 'Young Afridi' Xs bat. Afridi hit 11 sixes and six boundaries with the bat and scored a 37-ball century against Sri Lanka which was the then fastest ODI century. The record, broken later by Corey Anderson (36 balls), now belongs to South Africa's AB de Villiers (31 balls)

Sachin Tendulkar