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  1. 1. Well Of Course Finals KQA Cricket Quiz 2014 @soganmageshwar @paap_singer
  2. 2. What to look forward to Written Round I Clockwise (17 questions) Written Round II Anti-Clockwise (17 questions) List It
  3. 3. Written Round I During the 2013 Ashes held in England, members of the English team drew caricatures of each other and these were sold for charity. Identify the cricketer. 10 points per correct answer. Get all right, 10 points bonus.
  4. 4. 1.
  5. 5. 2.
  6. 6. 3.
  7. 7. 4.
  8. 8. 5.
  9. 9. 6.
  10. 10. 7.
  11. 11. 8.
  12. 12. 9.
  13. 13. 10.
  14. 14. Please Exchange Sheets
  15. 15. 1.
  16. 16. Alistair Cook
  17. 17. 2.
  18. 18. Graeme Swann
  19. 19. 3.
  20. 20. Ian Bell
  21. 21. 4.
  22. 22. Jimmy Anderson
  23. 23. 5.
  24. 24. Joe Root
  25. 25. 6.
  26. 26. Jonathan Trott
  27. 27. 7.
  28. 28. Steve Finn
  29. 29. 8.
  30. 30. Kevin Pietersen
  31. 31. 9.
  32. 32. Matt Prior
  33. 33. 10.
  34. 34. Monty Panesar
  35. 35. Clockwise 17questions. Infinite bounce. 10 points Like the review system you get maximum of 2 incorrect pounces. So +10 for pounce, but in case of an incorrect pounce, you lose 1 pounce. And in case you are pouncing, all parts of the answer must be correct.
  36. 36. 1. During Sobers record breaking 365 knock, he was batting on 360. Hanif Mohammad was introduced into the attack with the hope that Sobers would lose concentration and give his wicket away as a non-regular bowler was in operation. However the 2nd ball of the over, Sobers hit a boundary thereby equalling Len Huttons record. In order to distract Sobers further, Hanif tried something different for the rest of the over. The first 2 deliveries he did not concede any run, but of the final ball Sobers got the coveted run of the final ball of the over. What had Hanif tried to do, in order to ensure Sobers does not get the coveted single?
  37. 37. He bowled left arm spin instead of right arm off spin that he was bowling. This makes him the only bowler to bowl right arm and left arm spin in the same over. The only other instance I can remember is Hashan Tillakaratne bowling the final over in the 1996 world cup game against Kenya. The result was beyond doubt and he bowled right arm off spin and left arm in the same over.
  38. 38. 2. New Zealand took on Zimbabwe in the 2nd test of their tour on November 7th, 1992. The Zimbabwe cricket authorities wanted to maximize revenues for November 8th, a Sunday and decided to do something that had precedents in England, but never in test matches. It is also something that has never happened again. What happened on November 8th?
  39. 39. Interrupted a test match and played a One Day international. It didnt make much difference to Martin Crowe. He scored 140 on day 1 of the test and then scored 94, the next day in a One Day International.
  40. 40. 3. The battle of Monte Cassino was a costly series of 4 assaults by the Allies against the Winter Line held by Germans and Italians during WW2. The intention was to reach Rome. The Americans attempted first and due to heavy casualties were replaced by the New Zealand Corps. If British Author Fred Majdalany is to be believed the codename that was to be given to the New Zealanders was devised by a British staff officer, who typically did not know the difference between New Zealanders and Australians. What was the code used by Allies to signal the troops to attack Cassino?
  41. 41. Bradman will be batting tomorrow. If they were going to attack. Bradman will not be batting tomorrow If they werent going to attack.
  42. 42. 4. Two Aussie bowlers X and Y. X came in as a replacement for Glenn McGrath for the 2nd test against New Zealand in the 97 series. He took 7 wickets in his first test, including a career best 5/39 in the second innings. However, he had a hard struggle to get into even the New South Wales side that year. He broke his ankle bowling in his first year for the Blues and found it difficult to recover. Played only 2 tests. Y took a hat-trick against Pakistan at the MCG in 1996-97, in his 3rd ODI and got some excellent returns for NSW in the years which followed his first inter- state appearance in 1994-95. From there, though, his performances tapered away quickly, to the extent that he did not play at the international level and lost his place in the NSW XI within 12 months. Identify both.
  43. 43. X Simon Cook Y Anthony Stuart
  44. 44. 5. Wisden Cricketers of the Year award is an honour given to cricketers that had a considerable influence over the English cricket summer. Barring a few exceptions, Wisden almost always awards this to 5 cricketers. In 2011, Wisden awarded it to only 4 players. Why?
  45. 45. Due to his performances, Mohammed Amir would have been the 5th awardee. Wisden in its edition just said Awarded to a Pakistani player but not listed as a result of alleged match fixing. If [the player in question] were exonerated, then it would be possible to reconsider the position. That is why I didnt pick anyone else instead. But as things stand, we dont feel we can choose. Its all very sad, Scyld Berry, the editor of Wisden.
  46. 46. 6. X will be missed. Missed by England for whom his standards of professionalism and excellence were an example to all. I will miss him too; his tenacity made him a pleasure to play with and against. I will not miss his ___. Xs ___ - that dirty, smelly, grubby, patched-up, stitched-up, upside-down-flower-pot-of-a-thing caused me more grief as an English captain than any Brian Lara hundred or Shane Warne hat-trick. An English skipper writing about his experience with X and ___. Identify X and ___.
  47. 47. Jack Russell His hat.
  48. 48. 7. Quotes from the 40th year reunion of a historic occasion. The game was put on as bit of entertainment. We didnt appreciate the occasion at the time. Looking back now, it was a momentous occasion. John said, they didnt want to play. They were worried about injuries. We were just happy to get out of the dressing room. More than 40,000 turned up. We had to play. What was this historic occasion?
  49. 49. First ever ODI Played on the last day of what would have been the 3rd test of the Ashes. The test match was abandoned without a ball being bowled. On the last day, they decided to play a one day international.
  50. 50. 8. What is happening?
  51. 51. Kennington Oval The Kennington Oval, was used as a POW camp during the second World War.
  52. 52. 9. X arrived wearing a camouflage mash jacket and an enormous briefcase which contained his lunch two bottles of claret, a vine-root corkscrew, cheese, biscuits, a plate, cutlery and underneath Playfair. His first words to Y were, Hello, welcome. What do you give a woman who has everything? Encouragement, Y replied. No, Penicillin, said X rather triumphantly. He then told Y, I hear you like driving. Well, I like drinking. We are going to get along well. First meeting between X and Y. Identify both.
  53. 53. John Arlott Bill Frindall
  54. 54. 10. The story of what and who is the speaker? I was working as a journalist at the Wolverhampton Express and Star, and the librarian there suggested I wrote to the Hayward family, who were from the town and well-known for helping ailing causes. So I penned a letter to Jack's father Charles, but by all accounts it was screwed up and thrown in the bin, because he wasn't interested in sport. Luckily, his secretary fished it out and gave it to Jack! He knew my name from reading my reports in the paper, and so he came to sponsor two tours of the West Indies. I was staying in Sussex with Jack and his wife. After supper we started having a little slurp of brandy, and as the level went down with the bottle, Jack suddenly said, Why dont we have a _____ ___ __ ______ _______?, and that he would pay for it. I put the idea to the governing body, he sponsored the whole event, and it was as simple as that.
  55. 55. Rachel Heyhoe-Flint Story of how the World Cup of Womens cricket started.
  56. 56. 11. Montague Druitt had played against MCC as a nippy opening bowler. He travelled in the Western country in 1882 and 1883 with a team called Incogniti. In early August 1888, he turned up for Bournemouth against the visiting Parsees, the game in which Mehallasha Pavri took 6 wickets and helped them win by 6 wickets. But, at the end of the 1888 cricket season, things went bad for Druitt. He lost his job as a school teacher and in early December drowned himself in the Thames. His suicide note to his brother stated Since Friday, I felt I was going to be mother and the best thing for me to do was die. His mother had been in the Manor House Lunatic Asylum. The inquest was held and the conclusion was Suicide whilst of an unsound mind. Events after his death led to major speculation. Why was the death of an amateur cricketer news?
  57. 57. Jack The Ripper Montague Druitt was one of the suspects. Jack the Ripper was active between August and November 1888 murdering at least 5 women. The murders ended either due to the death, imprisonment or emigration of the killer. Assistant Chief Constable Sir Melville Macnaghten named Druitt as a suspect in the case. In a private handwritten memorandum dated February 23, 1894, Macnaghten highlighted the coincidence between Druitts disappearance and death shortly after the last of the five murders. He also claimed From private information I have little doubt that his own family suspected this man of being the Whitechapel murderer; it was alleged that he was sexually insane.