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Cricket and Football Quiz(Finals)

Cricket and Football Quiz(Finals)Quizmaster: Supranta Sarma Boruah and Pratik Rath


INFINITE POUNCE-IClockwise8 Questions.+15/-10 on the pounce.+10/0 on bounce.

1.He was famously the mentor of Roy Hodgson during their times in Sweden. He recommended Hodgson, his former schoolmate to his first managerial job with Halmstads BK.The finest moment of his managerial career came in 1979 when he led the Swedish top flight side Malm FF to a runners up place in the European Cup.Who/What was his last managerial assignment?

AnswerBob Houghton, the former Indian national team manager.

On April 30, 1983 , X scored an impact hundred along with his opening partner. The scorecard read retired not out which is unique in Test cricket. Winston Davis made his debut in that match and said X was a very quiet man. It was a difficult time for him but he didnt quite bring it up. Anshuman Gaekwad remembered Xs anguish in that Antigua Test of 1983. It was a tremendous act of courage. X didnt show any emotion, but you could see in his eyes that he was struggling. And despite that, he scored a hundred. Identify X. Why was he retired not out?2.

AnswerGordon Greenidge left the next day as his daughter was critical

3.Real Sociedad vs. Athletico Bilbao is generally a fiercely fought derby match termed as the ________ derby. However in a 1976, Real Sociedad player Josean de la Hoz Urangaconvinced the both the sets of players to do something. As they walked into the pitch, the crowd became euphoric. They broke down into tears and started to hug their rivals. What was this gesture?

AnswerIt was just a few months after Francos death and Spain was still under fascist regime. The Real Sociedad and Athletico Bilbao captain came onto the field jointly holding the Basque flag which was still banned under law.And the derby is called the Basque Derby.

4.Special laws were enacted after a pre-1910 match between Hampshire and Kent owing to a certain controversy as this situation was particularly unique. It gave rise to a certain challenge which only four batsmen, Arthur Watson, Learie Constantine, Jim Smith and Carl Hooper managed and no one can possibly do it anymore owing to happenings in the last 10 years. Kent tried maintaining its heritage, however it was deemed hazardous to players. What?

AnswerCanterbury St.Lawrence Lime

5.IDXs transfer broke the British transfer record twice in two consecutive transfer windows, first when he went from a club A to Italian club Torino and then from there to As cross city rivals B. He still holds the record for being the top scorer in a single season for B. In his later career, he again played for A and in his dramatic final competitive match for A, he scored a backheeled goal against B. B was relegated following that match.Y, a Dutch professional footballer, was named after X. But unlike X he played for Bs title rivals of the time C. He was known for his Aerophobia, the fear of flying which gave him the nickname, The non-Flying Dutchman.

AnswerX- Denis LawY-Dennis BergkampA-Manchester CityB-Manchester UnitedC-Arsenal

6.What is unique about the following matches?

AnswerMan of the match awards given for non-batting/bowling reasons

7.Whose Bass Guitar? The owner of the guitar is known to be an ardent West Ham United supporter and himself was a youth team member of the West Ham Academy.

AnswerSteve Harris, the bassist of Iron Maiden. He in his childhood wanted to be a footballer and was called for training with the academy of West Ham United.

8.In a ODI match in 2000, Steve Waugh came to the dressing room to announce the team lineup. The Lineup consisted of Xs brother followed by Ian Harvey followed by X himself. Before Steve Waugh could say Xs name, someone shouted out Y due to the sequence of the names. Thus Y stuck as a nickname for X. Give me X and Y

AnswerX-Brett LeeY-OswaldThe lineup was Lee, Harvey and then thus was Oswald

List it-INumber of entries in the lists will not be given out.+5 for each correct identification.-3 for each incorrect identification.

1.List the host countries that has gone on to win the World Cup

AnswerUruguay(1930)Italy(1934)England(1966)West Germany(1974)Argentina(1978)France(1998)


AnswerOpened bowling and batting in ODIs

Acrostic8 questions in the round.Answers of each questions starts with the letters WORLDCUP.+10/-5 on pounce+20 bonus, if you get all answers correct.

WORLD CUPShown on the next slide is the picture of the 1988 Euro winning Netherlands squad. The member circled in red has played for Fortuna Vlaardingen, FC Vlaardingen,Fortuna Sittard, andFC Groningen in his professional career which lasted till 1990. After that he became a football manager, who worked for clubs likeNEC Nijmegen,RBC RoosendaalandMVV Maastricht.Identify him.

Enlarged picture on the next slide.

AnswerWim Koevermans, the current Indian national team coach

WORLD CUPIdentify the player.

Credits: Aniket Mishra

AnswerOleg Salenko

WORLD CUPX is the only captain to have lost two World Cup finals. With his club, whose current Chief Executive Officer he is, he won the European Cup of Champions in 1975 and 1976 . In 1975 he did not take part in the final of the competition, whilst in the year thereafter a glass of brandy sufficiently prepared the nervous X to contribute to the defeat of AS Saint-Etienne. In April 1983, the British pop duo Alan & Denise recorded a tribute song about his "sexy knees" in the song X, what a man". The record reached number 43 in German charts. Identify X.

AnswerKarl-Heinz Rummenigge

WORLD CUPThe man in question is synonymous with longetivity. He has the 2nd most number of international caps as an outfield player, most caps in the World Cup, has played 5 World Cups(most for an outfield player).Maradona described him as his best rivals, and why not. In the 1986 World Cup final, in the first half, he marked Maradona in which he could do nothing. Once Germany fell behind, he was relived of his marking duties and he exposed the Argentine defense and quickly pulled one back. He heroics were however not enough to win them the cup which they finally lost 3-2. He would later go on to captain his national team and list the World Cup and the European Cup.

AnswerLothar Matheus

WORLD CUPHe has a knack of scoring spectacular long ranged goals. One of his goals in the UEFA Champions League 2010-11 was shortlisted for the Puskas Prize, which is given to the best goals of the year. The opposition goalkeeper made a headed clearance which landed on him near the half line. He volleyed it first time to score that spectacular goal.Another trivia that the quizzers love is that he is the only player to have represented three different countries in the World Cup.

AnswerDejan Stankovic

WORLD CUPX has the record of scoring the most number of international goals as a goalkeeper. He was especially known for his skill as a free-kick specialist and a penalty taker. Once during a qualifier against Brazil he missed a free kick, to which the Brazilian coach Scholari responded by yelling to his forwards:"Shoot! Shoot! X has 400 kilos of fat."

AnswerJose Luis Chilavert

WORLD CUPShown in the picture is a member of the triple European Cup winning team from 1973-76. Also on his CV, are a World Cup, A European Cup winners and a runners up medal as a member of the all conquering West Germany team. Recently, he was in the news for the wrong reason. Who and why?

AnswerUli Hoeness, the president of Bayern Munich, who had to step down because of a tax-evasion case.

WORLD CUPX is best known for his heroic deed on 27th March, 1966. A year after his heroics, he died due to accidental strangulation. He starred withEric SykesandJune Whitfieldin the 1966 filmThe Spy With the Cold Nose. An entirely fictional version of his story was told in a 2006ITV drama written byMichael Chaplin, calledX: The _________ Who Won The World Cup.


INFINITE POUNCE-IIAnticlockwise.8 Questions.+15/-10 on the pounce.+10/0 on bounce.

1.What unique distinction is held by the following players:Gary LinekarJohn CharlesStanley MathewsDixie DeanBobby CharltonOf the recent players, somewhat similar distinction is held by Raul, Emilio Butragueno and Ryan Giggs(if you ignore his international career)

AnswerNEVER BOOKED IN THEIR ENTIRE CAREER. Although it is debatable as to whether Gary Linekar has actually received a yellow card while playing in the Japanese league. Also Sir Bobby Charlton was booked in an unofficial match.Raul and Butragueno were never sent off in their career. Ryan Giggs has never been sent off in a Manchester United shirt. He however was once sent off for Wales.

2.What is special about the following match?

AnswerThe only match where the famous spin quartet have all played together

3.Whose logo is shown here?

AnswerMohammedan Sporting Club

4.In 1622, several parishioners of Boxgrove, near Chichester in West Sussex, were prosecuted for playing cricket in a churchyard on Sunday 5 May. There were three reasons for the prosecution: one of which was that fielding near batsmen was extremely hazardous in those days. Jasper Vinall and Henry Brand were some who lost their lives this way. What rule change was instigated by these, Kurt Wilkinson when playing for Barbados against Rest of Leeward Islands in the 2002-03 Red Stripe Bowl being the most famous incident.

AnswerHitting the ball twice

5.This has occurred a few times in the English League: Liverpool in 1905-05