KQA Cricket Quiz Finals 2011

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Inaugural Annual KQA Open Cricket Quiz

Text of KQA Cricket Quiz Finals 2011

  • The Well Of Course QuizSuper Eights.Manish Achuthwith a little help fromRahul Suhas Kottalgi

  • FinalsWrite brothersLVCDry clockwiseWrite brothersSVCDry anti-clockwiseStage 2

  • Write BrothersDedicated to Kamran Akmal10 Amul AdsDifferential scoring.
  • 1. Amul ad celebrating someone's achievement.

  • 2. Specific occasion for the ad?

  • 3. Dedicated to whom?

  • 4. Which Test?

  • 5. Who?

  • 6. What has been blanked out?

  • 7. Which specific incident?

  • 8. Tribute to whom?

  • 9. What?

  • 10. Simple one. What incident?

  • Answers

  • 1. Amul ad celebrating someone's achievement.Richard Hadlee

  • 2. Specific occasion for the ad?Kapil Dev becomes coach of India

  • 3. Dedicated to whom? Chennai crowd after the test match against Pakistan

  • 4. Which Test?Victory against South Africa, Durban test, 2010.

  • 5. Who?Parthiv Patel

  • 6. What has been blanked out?Inzamam-ul-hulk

  • 7. Which specific incident?Sreesanth hitting Andre Nel for a six and then dancing

  • 8. Tribute to whom?Dilip Sardesai

  • 9. What?Desmond Haynes given out handling the ball

  • 10. Simple one. What incident?Aussies kicking out Sharad Pawar after winning Champions Trophy

  • Long Visual Connect25 visualsSets of 5+20/17.5/15/12.5/10Negative 10 through out.

  • Set 1+20/-10

  • Set 2+17.5/-10

  • Set 3+15/-10

  • Set 4+12.5/-10

  • Set 5+10/0Only one attempt.

  • End of session 1.

  • 100 hundreds in first class cricket.W.G.GraceTom HaywardJack HobbsPhil MeadPatsy HendrenFrank WooleyHerbert Sutcliffe.Ernest TyldesleyWally HammondAndy SandhamDon BradmanLes AmesLen HuttonDenis ComptonTom GraveneyColin CowdreyJohn EdrichGeoffrey BoycottGlenn TurnerZaheer AbbasDennis AmissViv RichardsGraham GoochGreame HickMark Ramprakash

  • Dry ClockwiseStandard quizzing rules.10 points for every correct answer.Teams answering star questions correctly get the next question.

  • Who?X has played 3 tests. One each in 1998, 2000 and 2004. In the 2004 test against West Indies, X created a world record that has stood till date. X's captain took 13 wickets and a hat-trick. Despite all that West Indies managed to draw the game. X??

  • Kiran Baluch, record holder for the highest score in Women's cricket.

  • What?In the unofficial test world championship fight between West Indies and Australia in 1995, Richie Richardson did something for the first time in his life.

    After West Indies lost the series, people came up with comments like Hunter becomes the Hunted and symbolic of change of guard and West Indies need not be feared anymore etc.

    What did Richardson do to earn the wrath of the people?

  • He batted with a helmet.Richie Richardson was this big fan of Viv Richards and had always batted with a hat. During this series, he batted with a helmet.

  • Id?

  • Warwick Todd, fictional cricketer.

  • Who?He took all the wickets in his international career, in one innings. In his first Test series, against India in 1958-59, he made 486 runs at 69.42, but had a checkered career thereafter, until the 1963 tour of England, when he made 383 runs in eight completed innings, including 133 out of 229 in the memorable draw at Lord's. Richie Benaud considered him the most difficult of all West Indian batsmen to get out. Who?

  • Basil Butcher.

  • X?The X Football Club, nicknamed The Dockers, is an Australian rules football team which plays in the Australian Football League (AFL). The club is based in the port city of X at the mouth of the Swan River in _______ _________. In 1995 it became the second team from _______ _________ to be admitted to the national Australian rules football competition. Despite enduring a lack of success they are yet to win a premiership or appear in a grand final fans have continued to show loyalty and passion for the X Dockers and they are one of the clubs with the highest number of adult memberships.

  • X is Fremantle. Fremantle Doctor gets its name, because people in Perth believe that it originates from the city of Fremantle.

  • What is this?______ comes from one Zingario, who travelled from Italy in the sixteenth century, became an equerry in the court of Henry VIII and changed his name to ______.

    _____ ______ the most famous ______, played test and ODI cricket with distinction. _____ ______ is among the better fielders to have played the game. _____ ______'s father also played for his country in 9 tests. What is ______?

  • Zinzan. Zinzan is the family traditional name of the Harris family. Most famous is Chris Harris, his father is Zin Harris who played 9 tests.

  • Connect

  • Wicket of the first ball in a new test ground.Suranga Lakmal Muttiah Muralitharan International cricket stadium, Pallekele near Kandy. He dismissed Chris Gayle.Kapil Dev Gandhi Stadium, Jalandhar. He dismissed Mohsin KhanImran Khan Sawai Mansingh stadium, Jaipur. He dismissed Sunil Gavaskar.

  • Insignia for what? Connect to cricket?

  • Insignia for Trinity College, Kandy. The Asgiriya International Cricket Stadium, is the private property of Trinity College. The stadium has the unique distinction of being the only Test class cricket stadium in the world to be maintained by a secondary school.

  • This inspired something. That something was the inspiration for some other thing in cricket. What?

  • Under the Southern Cross I stand.Eureka Flag inspired a poem called Flag of the Southern Cross. Inspired by this poem, Rodney Marsh, wrote the lyrics for Under the Southern Cross I Stand, which is the Aussie team's victory song.

  • XYZ and all that jazz?On Monday June 18, 1956, all eyes were on a 25-cent coin as it was tossed in the air to determine whether the word X or Y would come first in the name of a proposed new Club. On that historic evening, J.L. Bonus, second vice-president of the Z X Club, tossed the coin. F.J. Boland, president of the Z Y Club, called heads but lost the toss and the newly amalgamated club became known as The Z X and Y Club. XYZ? And add another entity.

  • Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling ClubThe Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club hosted the Sahara Cup in the mid 90's.

  • Id the batsman and the venue

  • Sir Geoff Hurst, Chelsea coach at that time. Stamford Bridge.

  • Who and what?He represented England in cricket and football.He played as a professional for Nottinghamshire from 1880 till 1904.He represented Notts county and Nottingham Forest. 11 test matches 1 hundred. He did with something in 1885 and we remember him even today.If it helps, his pic is in the next slide.

  • William Gunn, Gunn and Moore.

  • Abba ke zamane mein.8 B&W visuals.Some have more than 1 part to answer.Each part is 5 points.Getting all parts of all questions correct gets you a bonus of 10 points.

  • 1. Who?

  • 2. 3 English captains in the pic. Id all.

  • 3. Id both.

  • 4. Who are opening for Australia?

  • 5. Who are beginning the day for India.

  • 6. Who?

  • 7. Id and the record.Holder of a record that is yet to be broken.

  • 8. Id and the record.Another record holder. Don't think anyone can break it.

  • Please ExchangeANSWERS

  • Rachael Heyhoe Flint

  • Reverend David Sheppard, Colin Cowdrey, Peter May

  • Alec BedserEric Bedser

  • Bill Woodfull, Archie Jackson

  • C.K.Nayudu and Lala Amarnath.

  • Colin Bland

  • Khan Mohammad.Most runs conceded in an innings without taking a wicket.

  • Bapu Nadkarni.Most consecutive maidens. 21 overs.

  • SVC6 visualsSets of 2 visuals+15/12.5/10Negative 10

  • Set 1+15/-10

  • Set 2+12.5/-10

  • Set 3+10/0

  • End of session.

  • Teams represented by Ryan Ten DoeschateCanterbury WizardsEssex EaglesMashonaland EaglesTasmania TigersCape Cobras (formerly Western Province)Netherlands.

    After IPL 4 we can add Kolkata Knightriders.

  • Dry Anti-ClockwiseStandard quizzing rules.10 points for every correct answer.Teams answering star questions correctly get the next question.

  • What were these games called?

  • Roundarm trialsThe roundarm trial matches were a series of cricket matches between Sussex and All-England during the 1827 English cricket season. Their purpose was to help the MCC, as the game's lawgivers, to decide if roundarm bowling should be legalised or if the only legitimate style of bowling should be underarm, which had been in use since time immemorial.

  • These were the last 3 instances of what?Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh in 2008Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe in 2001-02India vs West Indies in 1997 (81 all out chasing 120 and all that)

  • Restday

  • Whose name has been blanked out?

  • Zaheer Khan

  • Who?Y.Venugopal Rao shot into fame after scoring 228 in South Zone's successful chase of 501 in the Duleep Trophy in 2004. A forgotten fact is that _____ _________ scored a hundred in each inninngs of the match. One of only 11 people who have done so in a Duleep trophy game. _____ _________ made his international debut later and has established himself in international cricket.

  • Kevin PietersenBCCI experimented with the format of the Duleep Trophy by calling an English te