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KQA Cricket Quiz Finals 2013

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Well of course Quiz

Sohan and ManishWell of course Cricket Quiz Finals

Manish Achuth () - Dude Q21 is a peter. I used for Utsav sports quiz.

Rounds:List itWritten RoundClockwiseWritten Round IIAnti-clockwiseLVC

List ItFill in the blanks of this song by Mojo called Cmon Aussie Cmon. It was used to advertize world series cricket by Kerry Packer.Lyrics contains references to Aussie cricketers of the time.

Identify A J. 5 points for each, bonus of 10 for getting all 10 correct.

A pounding down like a machine,B making divots in the green.C is taking wickets,D is clearing pickets.And the Es eyes have got that killer gleam.

Cmon Aussie CmonCmon Aussie CmonCmon Aussie CmonCmon Aussie Cmon

Mr F is playing havoc with the bats.G is good to have you back.H is making runsI is chewing gum. And J is wielding willow like an axe.

Exchange Sheets please

A Denis LilleeB Len PascoeC Rodney MarshD David HookesE ChappellsF Max WalkerG Ian RedpathH Bruce LairdI Doug WaltersJ Gary Gilmour.

Song video:

Stamping their Authority.

Stamping their Authority5 stamps. 8 answers to be filled up. 5 points for each. A bonus of 10 for getting all 8 correct.

1. When was this stamp released?

2. Identify these 4 cricketers

3. For whose golden jubilee was this stamp released?

4. Identify the 2 teams involved. (No part points)

5. Somebodys centenary. Whose?

Exchange Sheets Please

1. When was this stamp released?

1971, celebrating our victories.

2. Identify these 4 cricketers

CK Nayudu, Vinoo Mankad, Deodhar, Vijay Merchant

3. For whose golden jubilee was this stamp released?

Jasu Patel

4. Identify the 2 teams involved. (No part points)

Royal-Thomian rivalry

5. Somebodys centenary. Whose?

Jawahar Lal Nehru

Clockwise15 QuestionsInfinite BounceInfinite Pounce +10/-10

If you list South African test cricketers by caps in the order in which each player won his Test cap, the list stops with X at 235 in 1969/70.

After their readmission to test cricket in 1992-93, the list resumes at 236 with Y.

Y's only Test appearance was South Africa's first Test back in the fold, at Bridgetown in 1991-92. He was also a member of the team that went to the 1992 World Cup in Australasia and eventually ended up playing only 2 ODIs. He died a month short of his 34th birthday apparently of a rare viral infection, but 18 months later his body was exhumed and a post mortem suggested he might have been poisoned.

Coincidentally X was still playing cricket when Y made his debut.Id X and Y. 1.

X - John Traicos

Y - Tertius Bosch

He played 2 tests for Pakistan and is the lesser known brother of a famous wicket keeper. But his greatest claim to fame or notoriety comes in his contribution as a substitute fielder. That controversy along with others ensured a surreal ending to a test match, played in front of empty stands. Who?


Nadeem Khan, brother of Moin Khan.His direct throw from deep mid wicket ran out Sachin. Spectators at Eden Gardens felt Shoaib Akhtar was obstructing the batsman.

This is Ravi Mammen. He is considered to be the main man behind a companys aggressive marketing campaign in the 80s. He died of a heart attack in 1990.Why in a cricket quiz?


MRF Pace Foundation. Ravi Mammen was the brain behind the MRF Pace foundation and was instrumental in getting Dennis Lille to be the main coach.


Margaret Thatcher had a fairly controversial reign as the Prime Minister of England. There was a famous piece of Graffiti in London that said "Thatcher out" The Australian team for the 1989 Ashes had won the series and were travelling for the 6th test match at the Oval, London. They came across this graffiti, but it had been vandalized as "Thatcher out ___ ________" to highlight (depending on your viewpoint) the ineptness of the umpires or as a tribute to the tormentor-in-chief for England.

What was the addition to the graffiti?4.

LBW Alderman

Terry Alderman had taken almost 50% of his 41 wickets as LBW.

Adreshir _____ was the vice president of a Cricket Club in Bombay. His son, a promising cricketer, died in the prime of his life.A proposal was initiated at the time of his death (almost 80 years ago from today) and his son is now chiefly remembered for this reason.

Why do we remember Adreshirs son?


Rohinton Baria

A proposal was discussed to have an inter-university trophy. The trophy is named after Rohinton Baria.This year, it was jazzed up and had SRK as brand ambassador. Jain University, Bangalore are the current champions.

Aftab Habib represented England in 2 tests (against NZ in 1999). He scored a total of 26 off 140 balls in the 2 tests and never played for England again.

In 2005 he was employed by the Taranaki Cricket Association in NZ and in a game between his New Plymouth United club and Hawera, he did something to "make a stand". Unbelievably, he was later to face accusations of bringing the game into disrepute at a hearing carried out by the Taranaki Cricket Association . Habib said he what he did was well within his rights wrt the laws of cricket.What did he do ?6.

He retired hurt due to too much sledging from the opposition.

Regarding X's selection in a test against SA in 2008,

Ian Botham described it as "The most illogical, pathetic and diabolical piece of selecting I've seen. The selectors have embarrassed English cricket. I want to hear a proper explanation for this, as do England fans around the country."Geoffrey Boycott said"This was one of the first big decisions taken by England's new selection panel, and they got it badly wrong. They need to admit their mistake and realise that wild hunches are no way to build an international cricket team."

Following England's defeat, captain Michael Vaughan appeared to criticise the selection, saying"It does look a confused selection, but the selection of one person does not lose you a Test."X never played an international game after that. X's younger brother has had a promising start to his career though. Identify both.


Darren Pattinson and James Pattinson.

When England were forced by the Government to cancel the tour arranged for South Africa to the United Kingdom in 1970 the authorities at Lord's through the Test and County Cricket Board devised a series of five matches against The Rest of the World. At the time the matches were deemed to be Test matches, but that was later revoked.

The RoW squad was chosen by F. R. Brown (manager), G. S. Sobers (captain) and L. E. G. Ames (secretary-manager of Kent) and comprised of:From Pakistan: Intikhab Alam, Mushtaq MohammadFrom South Africa: Eddie Barlow, Graeme Pollock, Peter Pollock, Mike Procter, Barry RichardsFrom the West Indies: Lance Gibbs, Rohan Kanhai, Clive Lloyd, Deryck Murray, Garry Sobers

Australia and India just had representative each. Identify both.


Graham McKenzie and Farokh Engineer.

The first floodlit game in England took place in 1980 between Essex and the touring West Indians. Officials toyed with the idea of changing some of the rules, but eventually decided not to tinker and to play to the laws as they stood. Essex lent their mobile scorebox to the ground for this occasion for a reason.

Where did this game take place?


Stamford Bridge. Officials toyed with the idea of reducing a side-on hit into the stands to two runs because of the width of a football field. The elctronic scoreboard could not cope with the complexities of a cricket score. Two days after the game at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea fought out a dull 2-2 draw with Wrexham. As the game drew to a close the bored crowd chanted "We want cricket"!A

_________ is a large genus of filamentous fungi widely distributed in soil and in association with plants. Most species are harmless saprobes, and are relatively abundant members of the soil microbial community. The name comes from Latin for spindle.



X wrote in The Guardian"This was written up as the '________ Test' because the pitch had been infected by a fungus following a freak storm a few days earlier. It was damp, entirely grassless and mottled, seemingly perfect conditions for spin bowling."

"..from 79 for one I took four wickets, bowling flatter and quicker than usual to make use of the pitch, and the captain two to reduce them to 98 for seven..""Their second innings began on Saturday morning and after an initial burst from Snow and Geoff Arnold we went for spin at both ends. I had a spell of five for 18 in 13 overs either side of lunch and we knocked off the 20 runs we needed to win shortly after tea."

Id X and the blank.

Derek Underwood and Fussarium Test

Xs first important contribution in a game came in this game against the visiting Pakistanis. He batted at No. 9 in this game and contributed with 6 wickets.He improved his batting so much he was asked to open in the game played at Karachi. Who?

Scorecard next slide.



Asif Iqbal

He played for Hyderabad before emigrating to Pakistan.In 1978 against India, he was asked to open the batting when Pakistan needed about 164 runs in around 25 overs.


Connect the man in the video to the song. 12.

The infamous "Can't bowl, can't throw" incident.This occurred in a Test match between Australia and Pakistan at Bellerive Oval in 1999. This was Scott Muller's second and last appearance in a Test match and his bowling had been below his best.