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KQA Cricket Quiz 2016 Finals

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Well Of Course edition [email protected]@paap_singer

AgendaWritten Round IClockwise (18 questions)Written Round II Anti-clockwise (18 questions)List It

Written Round ISatish Acharya is a cartoonist from Kundapura. He typically covers a lot of current affairs. Cricket is a prominent subject on which he has drawn. So 6 cartoons from Satish 10 points for each10 bonus for getting all 6 right

1. 2 incidents referred here. Id both

2. Both want help playing whom?

3. Who does not want more Zimbabwe tests?

4. Who has seen a ghost?

5. What mistake from 2011 is Dhoni trying to rectify in 2014?

6. Who suffering from Doosra Umpire?

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1. 2 incidents referred here. Id both

AnswerCSK walking out of hotel since they did not allow biriyani from Rayudus house Dhoni refusing to give Rayudu strike in the only T20 in England in the 2014 series

2. Both want help playing whom?


3. Who does not want more Zimbabwe tests?

AnswerYounis Khan.After first test, when he scored a double hundred, he had said Zimbabwe should be given more tests. They lost the 2nd test to Zimbabwe.

4. Who has seen a ghost?


5. What mistake from 2011 is Dhoni trying to rectify in 2014?


6. Who suffering from Doosra Umpire?

AnswerShane Shillingford

Clockwise18 questions+10 on the bounceUsing Sai Ganesh pounce system 8 pounces through out the quiz. +20 or nothing.

1. Identify this player who has just achieved a feat that only 3 others have achieved so far. Photo taken during day 1 of the 3rd test between England and Australia in 1926. Also what feat has he achieved?

AnswerGC MccartneyCentury before lunch on day 1Others Victor Trumper, Don Bradman, Majid Khan

2. Kerry Packer was assembling players for WSC. He had two national sides Australia and West Indies. He decided to create a rest of the world side to compete against them. The isolated South Africans were easily available. He tried signing Graeme Pollock, but reservations were raised by stars Viv Richards and Michael Holding.So why did Richards and Holding have a reservation against Pollock but not against Barry Richards and Mike Procter, who were also from South Africa?

AnswerGraeme Pollock had never played cricket outside of South Africa. This meant that he had never played multi-racial cricket. Proctor and Richards had played county cricket before playing in the WSC. West Indian cricketers had no objections to players who had played multi-racial cricket.

3. It's 1982 and X wasn't supposed to play the game against Australia but Y pulled out on the evening before the game as the team had just returned from an England tour. X took the flight to Hyderabad on the morning of the game and went straight to the ground.X, in only his second ODI, didnt take any wickets in his first spell from the pavilion end, he says. But from the far end, when I came back, things started to change. He ended the game with 4-32 in 8 overs, creating history along the way. He went on to play only 8 ODIs. The story goes that X was at a party with the touring team. Y had wanted the team to leave early but X insisted that he stay behind for more fun. And that was it. A miffed Y made up his mind and had X dropped.X, Y and the feat achieved in that game?

AnswerX - Jalal - ud DinY - Imran KhanFirst ever hat-trick in ODIs

4.The father was raised in present day Pakistan. He grew up as a Hindu in abject poverty, but discovered he had a flair for the game. He was adopted by the X family, a rich Muslim family. They never asked him to convert. He later went back to present day India and became one of the early legends of the game. His son (a first class cricketer) did not include this piece of information in the biography of the father.The X family has many other connections to cricket. One of the members of the family, caught the cricket world's attention in 1987 when he refused to continue play until he received an unconditional apology.Identify the father and X

AnswerFather Lala AmarnathX Rana family. Shakoor Rana made the Rana family famous in 1987

5.This bowler played all of 4 test matches in his career. Things could have gone very differently had this dodgy decision gone his way though. As it happened, Inzamam ul Haq and Mushtaq Ahmed put on 57 runs for the last wicket to take the home team to a memorable victory. He is the second highest wicket taker in the Sheffield Shield/Pura Cup history behind Clarrie GrimmettWho?

AnswerJo Angel

6. Colin Milburn played a couple of seasons of Sheffield cricket for Western Australia. In a game against Queensland facing an attack that had 3 international bowlers, he smashed 243 while opening the batting including scoring 181 runs between lunch and tea. He was particularly savage against X (who had made his international debut a few years earlier), against whom he scored 48 runs from 28 balls. Western Australia ended up with 615/5 declared and X ended up with figures of 0/124 from 21 overs.X sort of redeemed himself with the bat top scoring for Queensland with scores of 77 and 49. Milburn sadly met with an accident the following year. Who is X?

AnswerRusi Surti

7. Sir Herbert Baker, went to India in 1912 and worked with Lutyens. His work in India included designing Secretariat Building, Parliament House and the bungalows of members of parliament. He also designed the two Secretariat buildings flanking Rajpath, leading up to Rashtrapathi Bhavan.But his most famous contribution to cricket was a gift in 1926, which was an apology. The construction of a stand was delayed due to a general workers strike. The stand bore his name till further redevelopment in 1996. What was Bakers gift?

AnswerFather Time

8.When he played in World Series Cricket, X was an instant hit on and off the field. He was arguably the world's quickest bowler at the time, with an angled run-up and round-arm slinging action, and he possessed one of the most lethal bouncers.He was known for his legendary duels with fellow countryman Y. In 1977, spurred on by the crowd, X attacked Y with a barrage of bouncers. After a while Y looked at him and said, "Remember, I don't miss." X found himself at the batting crease late next afternoon. True to his word, Y hit him first up. The big man went down. What followed was an unforgettable passage of play as Y gave it to him over and over. X retired hurt in the end and Y took great delight in letting the crowd know what he thought of them.X never played international cricket but Y holds a certain distinction in his country. X and Y?

AnswerX Garth Le RouxY Clive Rice

9. West Indies had been bowled out for 265. England though faced a charged up Holding and were shot out for 122. On Day 3, Botham asked Jackman to bowl the first over. Jackman broke down, sending down the first over with tears down his cheeks. The gloomy mood was lifted by Geoff Boycott who was the on field captain for a few minutes. Jackman was in the middle of an impressive spell. The acting captain strode from deep mid-off, halted Jackman as he was beginning a new over and asked for the ball. He proceeded to mark out his own run, turned his cap around, rolled his shoulders, swung his arms, and ran in. And then he stopped in his delivery stride, grinned and threw the ball back to Jackman.It had the crowd roaring with laughter and lifted the spirit of the team somewhat from the depths of gloom.What was the cause of this gloom?

AnswerKen Barrington had passed away the previous night due to a heart attack.

10. End of day 3 You are our only hope.End of day 4 You can do it.End of day 5- If you bat till tea tomorrow, the match will be saved.

This is a story from the 50s. What is this about?

AnswerHanif Mohammads epic 337Abdul Hafeez Kardar, Pakistans captain kept these notes besides Hanifs bed as a way to encourage the man. End of day 3 61*End of day 4 161*End of day 5 270*

11. Yorkshire's overseas pro X, had convinced Y, a mate from his playing days in Adelaide, Victoria, and now Yorkshire, to ask his sister Andrea to show him around Scarborough. X had spent the preceding afternoon drinking with David Boon, and he had to work hard to convince Andrea that "her knight in shining armour was an overweight cricketer from Australia". They did wind up getting married, and although X told Andrea his international career was over, which would allow him time to look after a family, recalls followed: he played three Tests and three ODIs against brother-in-law Y and were teammates when Yorkshire were county champions in 2001. X and Y?

AnswerX Darren LehmannY Craig White

12. Khanmohammad Cassumbhoy Ibrahim or KC Ibrahim played four Tests for India against West Indies in 1948-49. Opening with Vinoo Mankad, he scored 85 and 44, but in his next six innings he made only 40 runs and he had retired by the time England toured India in 1951-52. A prolific scorer in first class cricket, he did something in the 1947-48 season that is still a record in FC cricket but was in jeopardy recently. What record and who came close to beating it?

AnswerScoring the most runs without being dismissed. KC Ibrahim got 709. Adam Voges scored 614 before being dismissed in the Wellington Test.

13. The design originated in England, where John Guy, who played 12 tests, observed a Newbery bat with what he calls a "dry knot" - a darker, weaker section of the willow - in its shoulder. Guy wondered out loud to John Newbery, the master bat maker, whether the bat would split if a ball hit that dry knot. Yes, Newbery said, the shoulder would fly right off. But what could they do about it?"I said, 'What if we shave it?' So that's what we did," Guy says. "We shaved the shoulder down and I said, 'I think that's a good idea for a bat'. Newbery said: 'What would you call it? It's got to be something like a _____'. I said it felt like a heavy wand. He said, 'What about ____ ______ _________'. I said, 'You've hit the nail on the head, it sounds great'.Story of a bat. What is the name?


14. Cricketer X represented team 1 and cricketer Y represented team 2 in the inaugural U-19 world cup in 1988. Cricketer Y made his international debut in 1993, whereas X made his debut in 1996.Cricketer X and Cricketer Y featured in the line up for team 3 together for the first time in a test match in 1999. Cricketer Y ended up with more than 200 wickets. Cricketer X didnt play much, but was known for his extremely poor batting. He once scored 24 in a game against Pakistan, after being offered 30 pints if he could score 30 by his coach. Identify cricketer X and cricketer Y.

AnswerX Alan MulallyY Andy Caddick

15.There was a myth about cricketer X. Xs explanation was I played with a chronic back injury for most of my career. I also perspired heavily when batting, which often gave me a stiff neck. The myth maybe due to the fact that causation may not be co-relation, but persisted through out his career. X? What myth?

AnswerGordon GreenidgeHe was at his most dangerous when he limped.

16.The initial experiment was done in a couple of benefit matches. Given their low stature, it went un-noticed. It was again tried in a warm up match, and again it attracted no comments. They finally decided to use it after confirming that it did not break any rules of cricket or tournament regulations. When it was finally noticed, the umpires not sure of the legality contacted the match referee, who wasnt of much help. He contacted ICC, who said, though not illegal, it was unfair. After the conclusion of the tournament, ICC finally made it illegal. What is this controversy all about?

AnswerHansie Cronje and Allan Donald using a earpiece to communicate with Bob Woolmer

17. BCCI announced a one time payment to all former cricketers. Initially a few former cricketers were not beneficiaries. Kapil Dev, for instance, had not officially left ICL. Hence was not eligible. In the initial ineligible list, there were 4 more names Mohinder Amarnath, Gundappa Viswanath, Syed Kirmani and Dilip Vengsarkar. BCCI initially felt that these 4 cricketers were beneficiaries more than once. Ultimately all 5 cricketers got the payment. What reason was being given for BCCI not to pay the 4 cricketers?

AnswersThey had benefit matches in their honour which was organized by BCCI. The reason BCCI decided to make these one time payments was because it was difficult to organize benefit matches these days.

18. In response to the night cricket innovation happening in Australia, the TCCB wanted to see if night cricket will be popular in England. In 1981, they organized a tournament which involved all 17 counties sponsored by Lambert and Butler. Due to the venues used, the competition got reduced to a 7 a side team with 10 overs a side. There was never a real cricket feel to these games and TCCB felt that the tournament and night cricket would not work in England. Where were the games happening and why were these venues chosen?

AnswerFootball stadiums as they were the only stadiums in England with floodlights

Abba ke zamane mein10 classic pictures10 for correct answers+10 bonus for getting all correct


Identify this sportsman in another sport giving cricket a try.

2. Who at what sombre occasion in 1915?

3. Leeds 1930. What just happened? A 14 year old watched this innings and went on to break the record 8 years later. Who?

4.X, on the receiving end of many run outs, runs out Y as the agony on the non striker - CA Davis is all too evident. X and Y?

5.Identify these two gentlemen, whove just helped England regain the Ashes after 19 years. These two are famed for their long partnerships.

6. Identify the god playing cricket.

7. Identify this medium pacer.

8. Identify both. Walking out for a historic test match.

9.He invented something in cricket, though not named after him directly.

10. Identify the man talking to Sardar Patel.

Please exchange sheets


Identify this sportsman in another sport giving cricket a try.

Omar SharifHe was a bridge player

2. Who at what sombre occasion in 1915?

Ranjitsinhji at WG Graces funeral

3. Leeds 1930. What just happened? A 14 year old watched this innings and went on to break the record 8 years later. Who?

Don Bradman 334*, Len HuttonLen Hutton scored 364 at the Oval in 1938.

4.X, on the receiving end of many run outs, runs out Y as the agony on the non striker - CA Davis is all too evident. X and Y?

X Geoff Boycott Y Gary Sobers

5.Identify these two gentlemen, whove just helped England regain the Ashes after 19 years. These two are famed for their long partnerships.

Denis Compton, Bill EdrichThis image is from the 5th test of the 1953 Ashes

6. Identify the god playing cricket.

Eric Clapton

7. Identify this medium pacer.

Arjuna Ranatunga

8. Identify both. Walking out for a historic test match.

Bandula Warnapura, Keith FletcherOn the occasion of Sri Lankas first test

9.He invented something in cricket, though not named after him directly.

ChinamanEllis Puss Achong

10. Identify the man talking to Sardar Patel.

Col. C.K. NayuduIndias first test captain

Anti Clockwise18 questions+10 on the bounceUsing Sai Ganesh pounce system 8 pounces through out the quiz. +20 or nothing.

1. Devastated by dropping a vital catch then being last man out in one of the most famous tests of all time, Australias 3 run victory over England in Manchester in 1902, England bowler Fred ____ - whose only test it was allegedly said Ive a lad at home, who will make up for this. His son, then only 7, became Englands finest fast medium bowler between the 2 world wars. Who is the son?

Maurice Tate

2. For the first rebel test in 1982 between England and South Africa, the chairman of selectors Ali Bacher selected a team of 12. They had to end up with exact 11 as the 12th man decided to pursue a proper international career, than play with the Proteas. His patience was rewarded as he made his debut later in the year. Who?

Allan Lamb

3.In a book Gideon Haigh mentions that on the eve of an important game, cricketer X told his teammates an observation that was both tangential and characteristic: that the habit of cricketer Y (in the opposition) to celebrate too early would get him into trouble one day. In his opinion, it was too lairy, too cute. His teammates cracked up at this.As it would happen many times in his career, Xs prediction did come true and Y celebrated too early, the cost of which came to be known a few days later. Ys actions led to another famous cricket myth. Identify the cricketers X and Y.

X Shane Warne, Y - Gibbs

4.Judging by his interview with Boys Own, he seemed pretty pleased with his effort. Noble was bowling, and sending the balls down in pretty good style, and at last I struck at one. I was not very sure about it; and the next thing I saw was the ball looking like a pea in the air, and I learned that it had just touched the chimney and _____ ____ ___ __ ___ _______. Who? And what did this incident achieve that nobody has been able to achieve since then?

Albert Trott, hit over Lords pavilion

5.X named his first son after his predecessor in the Yorkshire side.His second son, named after 2 cricketers, had a promising career cut short when he sustained a serious knee injury while having football trials with Leeds united. Another cricketer Ys middle name is named after X. Y was known as a ODI specialist. Identify X, his 2 sons and Y.

Second Son ->First Son ->

AnswerHedley VerityFirst son Wilfred RhodesSecond son Douglas George (Douglas Jardine/George Hirst)Y Nick Verity Knight

6. Duncan Fearnley released this bat series in honour of whom?

AnswerGraeme Hick

7.Dave Whelan, an England cricket fan from Devon, became an unlikely hero in Antigua. He had just purchased something and this was required by the English team due to injuries to key people in the team. It would have been very difficult for England, if not for Dave Whelan.I was just joking with my brother that they will want support from us, but I didnt know how much!What did Dave Whelan do to help the England team?

AnswerHe had purchased a brand new England replica kit. That was required when Paul Collingwood was named as one of the substitutes in the T20 game against West Indies in Antigua.

8. November 16, 1962 is significant in cricket for 2 announcementsFirst one abolished a culture that according to many was divisive and discriminatorySecond one was the announcement that a new innovation would be adopted wholeheartedly and paved the way for attracting newer people to the game. What were the 2 announcements?

AnswerFirst abolished the distinction between Amateur and Professional in English cricketSecond established the Gillette cup which essentially started ODI cricket

9. In July 1992, Leicestershire had qualified for the semi finals of the 60 over knockout tournament. But their two key players David Millns and Vince Wells were injured and ruled out of the match. A fortnight before the game, the county contacted X and Les Taylor to see if they were available. The pair had helped the county win the Benson & Hedges cup in 1985. X, had retired in 1990, and had settled into his new role. X, performed admirably, sending down 12 overs for 31 runs and picking up a wicket. Leicestershire won the game. And the next day headlines in the newspapers read Action speaks louder than words for ___ Who was asked to play for Leicestershire?

AnswerJonathan Agnew. He was BBCs correspondent for cricket when he was asked to make a comeback.

10. It was Mohinder Amarnaths only game as captain. India started off slowly, but managed to reach a respectable total of 210/3 in 40 overs thanks largely to a 94* from Dilip Vengsarkar. What was the result of the game?

AnswerMatch was abandoned as the news that Indira Gandhi had been assassinated reached the ground. The tour was called off as well.

11. For many years it was featured on the cover of the New South Wales Cricket Associations annual report, and it remains the basis of the design adorning the cover of Australian Wisden. It has been a motif for artistic enterprises as diverse as the Royal Shakespeare Company production of Graham Greene'sThe Return of AJ Rafflesand ______ _______'s Everlovin' Pop and Soul Revue" by Australian rock band You Am I. It has been turned into a print by Archibald Prize finalist Dave Thomas, a letterhead by Australian cricket bookseller Roger Page, the symbol of a chatroom called the ______ _______ Cricket Board, and features on the jacket of Endless Summer, an anthology of writings about Australian cricket from theWisden Cricketers' Almanack.What?

AnswerVictor Trumper photograph by George Beldam

12. The game which was a celebration of the past, with a defining moment that came from the distant future.The game was a high scoring draw. The batsman had sleep walked his way to 117 on an easy pitch. He came down the track to drive, he overbalanced a bit towards the off side, and this was enough for the bowler to stop the drive and throw the ball in one movement. The batsman was on his knees. This brilliant piece of fielding still didnt win the bowler the best fielder award. It instead went to Clive Rice. Almost nobody remembers Rices contribution, but this piece of fielding is still remembered. Who was the fielder and who did he dismiss?


13. In 2005-06 test at Adelaide, Lara smashed 226 and overtook Alan Borders record. In the process something rare happened, something that had last happened in 1886-87. After that it happened 4 more times -> all involving India vs Sri Lanka, three times in India and once in Sri Lanka in 2010. It looks very unlikely to happen in the near future. What rare feat are we talking about?

AnswerHighest wicket taker bowling to highest run getter1886-87 -> Fred Spofforth (94 wickets) bowled to Arthur Shrewsbury (903 runs)2005-06 -> Warne bowled to Lara. 2009 (3 tests in India) 2010 (1 test in Sri Lanka) Murali bowled to Tendulkar

14. X was adopted by a Goud Saraswat Brahmin sect, similar sect of the Gavaskars, Tendulkars etc. Inspired by her father, X took to the game. Wanting to pursue the game seriously, X joined a local club. X would dress up in long pants and have a cap on even while bowling, a practice that continued till the end of Xs international career. Xs debut was supposed to be in the 2001 Ashes, but was injured just before flying. The debut finally happened in the 2002-03 Ashes. Xs only test century came in the 2005 Ashes. X finally retired a day after winning the world cup. Who is X?

AnswerLisa Sthalekar

15.India's 2008-09 tour of New Zealand was jam-packed. India played 2 T20's, 5 ODI's and 3 tests in less than 50 days. India's test specialists had no warm up match to prepare for this tour. How did they get the required match practice, before the first test?

AnswerThey played 1 game in the NZ domestic championship. Rahul Dravid turned out for Canterbury and scored a 100 for them.

16. What was conceived by X while playing for Rawtenstall in the Lancashire cricket league in the 80's? Being the overseas star, he had to bowl a lot of overs and this was a way of easing his workload for a club side. He practiced it at the nets and claims that nearly 20% of his 125 victims in the 1988 county season were out because of this.

AnswerFranklyn StephensonSlower ball

17. The Sri Lankan cricket team embarked on a cricket tour of South Africa in 1982. They were soundly beaten on the field and for all their 'rebellion', received life bans from Sri Lankan cricket board, which to this day has not been revoked. Despite the ban, one person from that Sri Lankan team played international cricket again in 1996. Who?

AnswerFlavian AponsoHe played for Netherlands in the 1996 world cup

18. Bert Flack was going to be criticized for the role that he played. But his infamy was short lived as more serious things were happening elsewhere. "Thank god Nasser had taken over the Suez Canal, otherwise I'd have been plastered over every front page like Marilyn Monroe." What Flack had done was something that has come into focus again due to home dominance of teams. Why was Flack going to be criticized?

AnswerHe was the groundsman who prepared the pitch for Jim Laker's 19

List It

List It16 people have scored a 1000 runs in a Ranji seasonName them5 points for each. 10 points for getting all 16 correct.


Exchange Sheets

1415VVS LaxmanHyderabad1999/001280R Vijay BharadwajKarnataka1998/991260W JafferMumbai2008/091223KM JadhavMaharashtra2013/141204SS IyerMumbai2015/161089AM RahaneMumbai2008/091075S SriramTamilNadu1999/001066DS JadhavMaharashtra2003/041037JJ MartinBaroda1998/991034R LambaDelhi1996/971034RD BistRajasthan2011/121033AK SharmaDelhi1996/971033KL RahulKarnataka2013/141018WV RamanTamilNadu1988/891008RS ModiBombay1944/451004HH KhadiwaleMaharashtra2013/14

End of Days Play

In case of ties

List It

List It7 Indians have scored 100s at the MCG. One among them has scored 2. List all 7 Indians, circle the one who has scored 2.