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  1. 1. This is the first shot in the title sequence. This is a spooky and darkly lit corridor which add suspense and fear because you are looking into the unknown. The non-diegetic music is adding tension to the scene as the title sequence begins. The first title is in red. Red can be the colour that is associated with blood and death. this element along with the lighting camera and sound sets the mood for the film showing the audience what the film is going to entail.
  2. 2. We jump cut to shot two where the same lighting is being used which demonstrate juxtaposition and sets the theme for the film. The camera is moving down the middle of spiralling stairs where you cannot see the bottom which adds an element of fear. It also suggest that it is infinite and that you are loosing your mind as you get lost in this place that is being shown to you by camera. All this symbolises the journey you will experience in this place in the film.
  3. 3. In this shot you have the same suspending non diegetic music. We see someone (the person is not identified) trying to get under the floor boards. This has two interpretations one that the person is trying to hide something. This shows the audience they have to hide from authority. The second is that they are having some kind of physical struggle and that they are trying to escape. Both these theories symbolise the characteristic of trauma and the fact that camera is on a close up of the hand only emphasises this.
  4. 4. In this shot we see a foot gently dragging away a gun. From this we can tell that the character is obviously trying to be subtle about it. this action will get the audience thinking why do they need a gun. It suggests that the place that is being shown is a dangerous one. The lead characters name is also displayed next to it. this suggest that this gun could belong to his character. It shows that he could have a criminal or a dangerous nature and this gives the audience glues about his characteristics.
  5. 5. This establishing long shot only lasts a few seconds but it provides a big impact. There is a music stab when this shot is shown. This shows the audience that they should be scared of this strange island. The lighting only emphasises the danger, fear and mystery surrounding this place. This shot is a wide shot and it is able to show you how isolated the island is. This shows the audience what this place to be like a prison because of the clues that have been given.