True Love Returns

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  • 8/12/2019 True Love Returns


    True Love Returns



    True Love Returns

    SRILAKSHMI ([email protected])


    M o t h e r C r e a t i o n s

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    The Love Genre

  • 8/12/2019 True Love Returns


    True Love Returns



    True Love Returns!

    Deep in the forest was Livithas Journey, as she was an Archeologist. She was an

    exceptional in this field and she has won many honors for her tiresome labors that not onlyearned reputation to herself but also gained a lot of incredibility for which she was alleged

    upon. Every time, when her journey begins, she will be the most cheerful soul in the realm,

    because she admires the exertion so much and enjoys every single thing from launch to

    finale. This trip, she started, was not her favor because she was with hefty heart as her

    love traumatized her with just memoirs being left for her.

    She did not expect such a tragedy awaited for her. As she started her journey, her

    memory tickles of all those jiffies with him, one by one. And she gets drowned deep into

    the evocation. Her Flashback brings the scenes as one after the other ensuing and those

    were, The intro with him, the ring exchange, the first Kiss in Moonlight, the exultant

    moments they spent, The gifts, Every dawn that kicked off with excitement, the First

    heart hurting moment, her panic days, The threat for the Life, and the agonizing ever day

    that wobbled her life for the first time!.

    And here goes off. her past. It was on April 11, 1983, she met him for the first time. She

    was very depressed with her life by that time because of her family issues. Her inner

    circle was small with her parents and she being the only spawn. She had a handful of

    friends for her. On that day, she had to face the hardship of her Life being a question.

    Her father had arranged her engagement with the Son of his close pal. At the time of the

    zenith of the function was some chaos. The intended precluded the girl before they could

  • 8/12/2019 True Love Returns


    True Love Returns



    exchange the ring and the reason behind was of a deceitful bulletin about the girls

    demeanor. Such a worst substantial narration of the scandal even made her father believe

    that his daughter was so.

    She was a valiant girl being an archeologist, so she did rarely mind the incident and left

    the place to let the agitation serene down. But at the deep of her heart was some throb

    about the episode and the way she was pushed for an immoral reputation. So even without

    her own gen, began to fall the tear drops out of her eyes which when fell on the floor

    drenched a portion of the paper that was filled with a puzzle and which required a drop to

    complete the same.

  • 8/12/2019 True Love Returns


    True Love Returns



    And this paper was chased by a striking youngster who was in the requirement of that

    same DOT to solve the puzzle. The guy bent down to lift the paper and saw the tear

    providing key to the puzzle and was puzzled with excitement to upsurge and see the

    personality who helped him out. But to his surprise he saw a mediate beauty with her face

    full of frustrations and anxiety.

    Even before she could speak a word out, did he introduce himself as Navid and added

    that it just meant messenger of Happiness and was ordered by the Almighty to spread

    the same to everyone he sees. Saying so, he tapped her head and said that he had lauded

    her with gratification and eases thereafter and gave his card that printed his number and

    asked her to call him if she feels that he could by any chance decipher her problems.

    Before she could realize what happened, the guy vanished in dazzling speed.



  • 8/12/2019 True Love Returns


    True Love Returns



    Livithas heart was filled with a mysterious joy for the first time ever in life. Her

    thoughts were completely then reformed just leaving her those 5 min conversation with an

    anonymous who gave her a little spark in her heart besides making her feel there is

    something else to look upon in the world. She then was recurrently thinking of him, his

    body language, his speech, his gracious words, elegance etc. And then slowly sheremembered about the card and took it out of her backpack that made her feel that would

    add to her happiness.

    She did go through the card and found that he was working for a Lift company as

    Supervisor assistant. She found his personal number down-line and telephoned to the same.

    As the call was going through, her heart beat increased because her emotions were mixed

    up with excitement as well a slight stranger fear. When the call opponent picked up

    nothing else could surprise Livitha as her name was exactly pronounced by Navid rather

    than a Hello. She was shocked yet was happy to see that he realized her name with astrange caller ID. And before she could ask that he himself added that there were

    strange nature changes and angel appearances when he heard the phone ringing, which

    made Livitha burst out to laughter.

    Hearing her laugh, Navid told her to be so always and asked her to introduce herself. With

    no more odder fear she told of her entire history of her life till date without any

    hindrance of thoughts rising up in her. And when she completed off it was 2 at the mid

    night. And then she grasped that it was time to hang down and when she got prepared for

    it and before could bid a bye on the phone, heard Navid saying that, with all the hitches

    recited to him, now that her heart becomes clean and happy and that she should be so

    from then on and should just be blissful. Livithas heart was full of happiness. She felt

    that suddenly all the pain was flooded away by the river of happiness. And she slept

    happily than ever she did in-spite of her awards winning days.

    The next morning began when she could hardly remember of anything other than the

    meeting arrangements made for the next assignment towards the hoary findings. When

  • 8/12/2019 True Love Returns


    True Love Returns



    she was getting ready for the drudgery, her father enquired her about the guy whom she

    met on the caf the previous day and also linked it with the scandal proposed about her

    the day before.

    Livitha could not digest her fathers disgraceful words about her and broke down deep in

    the heart and with no heart to talk consoled her father and left to her bureau. Her mind

    was so confused that she could not get involved in the congregation, and hence left the

    assembly point and moved over to the relax point where she thought that she could ease

    herself by looking at the beautiful garden manifestation. When she was sitting there her

    thoughts surrounded over Navid and thought how he presented himself and how jovial was

    he and how lucky he should be to be so and just wanted to know off the trade secrets of

    the same. So she took her cell phone and called his number but at the point of the call

    getting passed through she also remembered about her fathers words that day morning

    and decided to hit the hang up button with little spirit to do so. But as the Networksuppliers are quite tricky, before we comprehend a ring to the calling party, the receiver

    would always get a ring that indicates a call on their cellular. And hence with technology

    favoring, Navid received the call as a missed call on his phone and grasped it to be a

    missed one and with no further thoughts pressed the green key on the handset on the


    Livithas phonerang but unfortunately she was not available to pick it up and hence Navid

    did not wanted to disturb her anymore and left to her prime to callback. When Livitha was

    back, she found the missed call; she did the same as Navid did with no second thoughts but

    only with heart full of ecstasy. When Navid picked up, he asked her to reveal the reason

    for her mood out. She did not tell anything but said that she wanted to learn the secrets

    of joy and being happy. Navid promised to explore them but just on one condition that she

    reveals the matter that has been disturbing her since morning. She smiled and accepted

    his condition and both agreed for a meeting at the Town fame Mall.

  • 8/12/2019 True Love Returns


    True Love Returns



    It was 7 in the evening and Livitha hurried to the Mall though the meeting time was

    absolute at 8. And to her surprise found Navid awaiting her even before. When she

    enquired about his early arrival he said that he knew girls psychology. With that hint,

    Livitha was little upset letting her own imagination to think if he already was a familiar

    amongst lassies. And she herself defended that it could not have been so and fell onto a

    blind possess upon Navid. Both of them shopped at the mall and she was waiting for him to

    enquire her miseries but to her losing patience, he did not do any of so and was just

    shopping his favors. And at one point he took a lady dress and asked her if any girl would

    like the color of it. She was little surprised, angry, sad about the question yet decided to

    hide them out and answered a positive reply to his question. And they winded their roam

    out at 9 and when both decided to return back to