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What is True Love? It is Gods Love. Therefore we need to develop a Heart to Heart relationship with our Creator in order to learn about the deepest aspects of True Love1

True Love begins from our Heavenly Parent who longs that all

people walk the path of True Love 2

When God exercised His power as the Creator, He created everything centered on True Love 3

Our Heavenly Father/Mother relates to everything with True Love. Therefore, it is also our aspiration to relate to everything in True Love 4

Ultimately, the original source of True Love is not in human beings, but in the First Causal Being, who is absolute and unchanging5

That is why a family of True Love is a God -centered family.

Such families are the basic units for the realization of the ideal in human society 6

Beginning with families that realize the highest ideal of absolute Love, True Love can expand to

the nation and the world 7

The world of unity that is formed in families that perfect and complete Love will surely expand to bring about Gods promise of an ideal world of eternal happiness8

True Love is not seen when it is easy to love. True Love becomes evident when you love someoneeven though it is difficult

with an unconditional Heart9

As sons and daughters we are the object partners of the absolute God who created us out of absolute Love for the sake of the greatest pleasure and fulfilment for all10

True Love is Love that continues forever. It is Love that does not change, whether in spring, summer, autumn, or winter11

True Love does not diminish when a person is a child, middle-aged, a senior citizen, or has passed on to the eternal spirit world. True Love is unchanging and eternal12

More than any other kind of changes we need a True Love revolution with the goal of liberating people to become free in Heart to love in a selfless way13

Leading a True Love life is not easy but when we follow the voice of our innermost Heart

we will surely arrive at this extremely valuable goal of embodying the highest standard of selflessness 14

and spend it with selfless Love so that we can feel at the end of each day that we filled it with True LoveOnce we have developed a loving Heart we will begin our day with sincere Love15

It is only possible to reach True Love by going through the necessary steps of growth within the atmosphere of a loving family16

True Love is humanity's common denominator on the level of Heart,

enabling us to be brothers and sisters as members of a worldwide family17

It is only in relationships of Heart within the realm of True Love that you can fulfill your own unique self18

True Love can fully awaken all five senses of the body, which tries to perceive it all without losing any part of it19

True Love is our only hope; so all our senses need to be

fully active for the sake of allowing it to become a reality20

When God looks at us, He/She looks through the eyes of True Love.

We should do the same as we relate to one another21