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You can easily connect your printers to the internet using this latest technology called Google Cloud Printing. Visit:


Getting Started With Google Cloud Printing

You can easily connect your printers to the internet using this latest technology called Google Cloud Printing. It is possible to make your personal and official printers readily available to you and any person of your choice, from your regularly used applications. You do not have to worry about factors like Operating system compatibility, since it works on various devices like PC, smart phones, tablets, chrome enabled device or any device which has internet connectivity.

In order to use Google Cloud Print, you need to have access to cloud ready printers which have the ability to directly connect to the web and do not need assistance from a PC to set it up. It can also connect to classic printers that are connected to a Window, Linux or Mac computer with internet connectivity, by using a Google print connector option present in Google Chrome.

If you want to connect your classic printer to Google Cloud print, then firstly install Google Chrome on your PC that is connected to the printer. After that, enable the option called Google Print connector in Google Chrome. It is also possible to print using Google cloud print by printing to third party mobile applications available on Android and iOS platforms. Controlling printer options and managing print jobs can also be done from your mobiles. If your friends have Google Accounts, then they can use any printer that you connected to Google Cloud Print.

To provide sharing permissions from your printer, go to the Google Cloud print management page and click on the printer's option to the left side. Choose the printer of your choice for sharing and click on the share button. It would be useful in the long run, when you share printers, if you keep a descriptive name for your printer while setting it up. This is because you will share printer names, which will be easier to find with descriptive names. All you have to do to share your printer is to enter the email id of the person or the Google group that you wish to share the content with and click on share. That person will be notified via email. If you want to disable sharing printers, then open the sharing dialog for the printer as mentioned above and change the user list. Setting up a Google group helps you to share your printer with a group of friends. Invite your friends to the group and share the printer. Member in the group are allowed to access the printer, if they have a Google Account. In case you are

not the group owner, then a request will appear for the group owner when he/she goes to the Google Cloud print management page. After the request is approved, group members can access the printer.

You have the facility to rename your cloud printer if you wish to. It is mandatory to be logged into your user account that you used to enable the Google Print connector on your PC, for your classic printer to be connected to Google Cloud.

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