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This slidedeck was created to introduce teammates how to Sign up for a Google Account, then how to access Google+ and some of the Google products/features. Specifically it is to showcase how to find and participate in a Google Community.


<ul><li> 1. Getting Started with GoogleCommunitiesVideo Walk through found here:Part 1 Setting up a Google Account 2 - Getting started with Google Plus 3 Getting started with GoogleCommunities</li></ul> <p> 2. Open up your internet browser.Go to SIGN IN upper rightcorner 3. If you already have a GoogleAccount, sign in and jump to slide7.If not, click SIGN UP in theupper right corner. 4. Fill in the details into the form.Pay attention to the usernameand password you create. Thiswill be needed to login at a laterdate.This also your loginfor Gmail, GoogleDrive, Google Docs,YouTube, etc.accounts.It is your choice to usethese additionalproducts. 5. Add in a profile picture ofyourself. This helps others findand identify you. 6. YOUVE CREATED YOUR GOOGLEACCOUNT.Lets get started and look at theproducts/features we can use. 7. You are now signed in to Googleand if you click your name in theupper right course you will seeACCOUNT, PRIVACY, VIEWPROFILE.You can edit/modify youraccount settings (security,privacy, etc.), anytime, byclicking AccountTo Start using GOOGLE +features, click View Profile. 8. This first screen allows you to findother people you know that areusing Google+. 9. This next screen, suggests somegroups you might want to follow. 10. This page allows you to add someextra details to your profile. 11. This is your Google+ profile page.Things you post and the people/groups youfollow that post items will show up here. 12. To add a post to your time line,start by writing or adding a link inthe Share whats new area. 13. At the top of the page, in theblack toolbar, where you canaccess Google products such assearches, Google Maps, Playgames, viewYouTube, News, access yourGmail, access your Google Drive&amp; Google Docs, and more.You can also switch the view ofyour profile to what you seeYourself and how the publiccan see your profile Public. 14. Move your mouse over to the leftand this toolbar appear. Here iswhere you can access many otherGoogle+ features.Lets go through some of thesefeatures 15. PEOPLEThis is where you can find othersto follow, and see who isfollowing you. You can alsogroup/categorize people youfollow in to CIRCLES. You cancreate as many circles as youwant. People you follow may beplaced into more than one circle. 16. PHOTOSThis is where you can view anyphotos that you have posted. 17. COMMUNITIESThis is where you can find otherpeople that share similarinterests. They come togetherand join these onlinecommunities so they candiscuss and share.We can browse any of thesecommunities, but lets searchfor those about baking. 18. Here are many differentcommunities found by searchingbaking.We may now pick one to browseand see if it meets our interests.I may look at this onebecause I know this personand I have similar interests. Imight like this group too. 19. This Community seems right andis one I would like to be a part of.Its public so I can see the postsmembers have added. Privategroups I need to be invited to joinor request to join to see theposts. 20. Now that I am a member of theCommunity I can add posts,comment on posts, and shareposts. 21. Adding a comment to apost or joining in adiscussion is this simple. 22. Done. 23. Each Community has itsown selection ofcategories that make theposts easier to follow andorganize.Adding my ownpost/link/video is thissimple.You will want to choose acategory to place your postin. 24. You can edit or delete yourposts if you need to byclicking the small greydropdown arrow. 25. You can invite friends tothe Community and leavethe Community if youdecide its not right foryou.To do this click the smallGEAR on the CommunityProfile area. 26. You can turn on/off emailnotifications by clickingthis BELL icon. 27. HANGOUTS ON AIRGoogle+ users can have hangoutswith one another, live for anyoneto join in, and private ones set upjust for groups.Youll want to click the LEARNMORE button to get a morecomprehensive introduction toHangouts. 28. Need to know moreClick the Take a Tour link to get awalk through of all of thefeatures. </p>