Google Analytics - Getting Started

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  • 1. GOOGLE ANALYTICS Hello rabbit hole.

2. getting started You need a Google account. 3. setup 101 1. Tell Google about your site 2. Put the code in your pages or template files 4. ooh shiny! 5. ooh shiny! 6. ooh shiny! 7. CONTEXT without it, data is just noise. 8. segments 9. filters 10. goals Sales Information Inquiry collection Advertising revenue Appointment scheduling Your site goals should be tied to your business goals. KPI measure status against desired outcomes. 11. its the question that drives us How is our campaign doing? What search engines are sending visitors? What geographic areas are we NOT marketing to that are still yielding traffic and/or conversions? How many times do visitors come to our site before they complete a goal? Are sales higher on certain devices? What types of content are generating traffic? Whats the ROI of social engagement? 12. custom dashboards Create widgets for highly specific measurements Apply and compare date ranges Subject to segmentation Provide context EXAMPLE: UMW KPI Dashboard 13. A/BTESTING because the plural of anecdote is not data. 14. QUESTIONS? Shelley Keith