Getting started with google glass

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Small presentation about my initial experience with Google Glass


  • 1. Google Glass Hello World+ getting started with google glass - by John TubertHello World Toast by oskay on Flickr

2. Google Glass? What is that? 3. Mirror API or GDK? GDK - Glass Development Kit, is very similar to building android apps. This apps run directly on Glass. Mirror API - Is just a series of web services that are delivered to the device as HTML cards. This does not require to install anything on the device. You can communicate with the mirror API using your language of choice. Currently available: Go Java .Net PHP Python Ruby 4. How does the Mirror API work? 5. How do I get started? Source code and instructions are here: 6. Where can I deploy this app? Mirror API apps do not get deploy on the Glass device. The app should leave on a webserver and communicate to the Glasses via the API. I deployed my hello world app to Heroku. All I had to do is make a few changes to the Maven POM file to generate the war file. Three simple commands: mvn package mvn war:war heroku deploy:war --war target/[appName].war --app appName 7. But how do I test without glasses? Google Playground: Can you test all features? A: Not really but enough to get started. You can test how your HTML cards look You cannot reply Does not support bundles 8. So what does your app do? Not much :) Its the Quick Start plus some basic functionality I added to test my own webservice. DEMO 9. Can we see some code now? 10. But where is your code? 11. Can we see it now on Glass? Sure, find this guy ->


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