Getting Started with Google

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Getting Started with Google. Technology Integration at NBMS. Thoughts on Integration. Agenda. Technology integration models: TPACK and SAMR . Reasons to integrate technology. Get started with Google Apps for Education Drive Presentation Draw Forms YouTube. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Getting Started with Google

Getting Started with GoogleTechnology Integration at NBMSThoughts on Integration

AgendaTechnology integration models: TPACK and SAMR.Reasons to integrate technology.Get started with Google Apps for EducationDrivePresentationDrawFormsYouTube

How to get started?Start Small - Select 1 or 2 tools that you can integrate into your classroom that will solve a problem or enhance learning. Be Consistent - Use these tools on a regular basis so it becomes just the way we do things.Build Continually- Add in another 1 or 2 new tools next year.

SAMR Model

How can we use technology to make teaching and learning better?Let me know...if too fast...

Google Apps for EducationGoogle TemplatesGo to Google DriveSelect CreateSelect doc typeSelect FileSelect NewSelect From Template

Google Drive

Store everything.Access it anywhere.Collaborate with others.Google Apps to StartHere we go!