Getting Started With Google And Blogger

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A guide for novices


  • 1. Getting Started with Google and Blogger A guide for the absolute novice Author:Andrew Read

2. Meet Jack

  • Jack is a Jack Russell and Fox Terrier Cross
  • He wants his own Google account and blog in Blogger

3. To Googles homepage


4. Sign in

  • Click sign in in the top right corner

5. Create an account

  • Click Create an account now

6. Fill in your details

  • Complete the form

7. Open your email

  • Open your email
  • Find the message from google
  • Click the link in the message

8. Manage your account

  • Click on the link

9. Sign in 10. Now what?

  • With a google account you can use any of the google services
    • Including blogger

11. Finding Google services

  • Click more

12. Using Blogger

  • Click Blogger

13. Create your Blogger account

  • Click Create Your Blog Now

14. Sign up

  • Fill in the form after reading the terms of service
    • Click the check box if you accept the terms of service
    • Click Continue

15. Choose a blog name and URL

  • Fill in the form and click continue
    • Click the check availability for the URL to confirm it is available

16. Choose a template

  • Choose the template you like and click Continue

17. Create your blog

  • Click Start Posting

18. Write your blog

  • Choose a title
  • Write your blog
  • Click Publish Post

19. Success!

  • Click Settings to customise your blog

20. Permissions

  • Choose who can view your blog
  • Click Permissions

21. Keeping it private

  • Blogs are public by default
  • Click the Only People I Choose radio button to restrict access

22. Invite readers

  • Enter the email address of the people who you want to read your blog
  • Click Invite

23. What next in Blogger?

  • The essentials are complete
  • Some enhancements you may want to consider include:
    • Creating a profile with a description of yourself
    • Posting your photo to your blog
    • Change the layout of your blog

24. What next in Google?

  • Google provides some great services that you may want to use
  • The services are free but they will have ads displayed when you use them
  • Some you may what to explore include:
    • Gmail
    • Google Reader
    • Google Docs

25. Other Titles

  • Other titles in this series include:
    • Getting started with Facebook
    • Getting started with