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PESIT mid weekly cricket quiz finals

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Cricket quiz by Gurudatta and Aditya

Text of PESIT mid weekly cricket quiz finals


THE CRICKET QUIZ!FINALS!WRITTEN ROUND6 cartoons/Amul ads+5 for each right answer.+10 bonus if all 6 are right.1.






Answers followPlease exchange sheets.

DRIES12 questions in a single phase.Infinite pounce, Infinite bounce.+10 on direct/pass, +15/-10 on pounce.1. He was a national level diving champion, for his age group, for a record 6 years straight. He was the first person to win 3 consecutive diving championships. He retired at a ripe age of 19, because he developed an interest in cricket. He played first division level cricket in Kolkata, and some local league in Hyderabad. He is pretty famous in the Indian sports scene, not as a player, but for something different. He was also associated with an IPL team during the inaugural season.Who?Charu Sharma2. Connect.

Only 4 people to have been given out Obstructing the Field in ODIs.3. The X vs Y cricket match is an annual match between two schools known for the rest of the world for the same reason. It is one of the longest-running annual cricket fixtures in the world. It is the only annual school cricket match still to be played at Lord's Cricket Ground.X and Y?

Eton and Harrow

4. We must first pay tribute to the man who made it all possible the Maharajah of Missed Chances, the Don Corleone of Dropped Catches, the Earl of Err, the Pharaoh of Fumble, Lance Corporal Granite Hands himself, X.This was a part of a parody report of a CWC match, by Andy Zaltzman. ID X.

Kamran Akmal5. The last time this happened was during the first test match of the 03-04 tour against Sri Lanka, played in Galle. Nasser Hussain was injured, Andrew Strauss wasnt a part of the squad, and Kevin Pietersen hadnt started playing cricket for England. Ever since that series, Andrew Strauss was a part of the team, till his retirement, and after which either Pietersen, Monty Panesar or Eoin Morgan have played for England.What happened in that match against Lanka?

That was the last time England fielded an all-England playing XI.6. It's England 1977. The Australian cricket team, visiting for an Ashes series, fields a team full of legends. The pinnacle of world cricket - two old enemies facing off head to head. But cricket is undergoing a revolution and the cricket establishment will be brought to its knees.This thrilling series is the story of X and its creator Y, who signed up the world's greatest players and set up a parallel universe of cricket.

X- World Series CricketY- Kerry PackerREVERSE7. Ever since the Laws of Cricket were laid down by the MCC in 1788, there has been constant changes in all laws, except for one.

Which is this law?Length of the pitch!!8. ID.

The lever used to count number of balls bowled in an over.9. Trivia time.Who is the only umpire to have officiated in both the cricket and football world cups? Steve Bucknor10. Everyone is familiar with the famous pace quartet of the West Indies. Few people know they had a terrific batting trio, who were refered to as the 3 Ws, as the surnames of these 3 legends started with W. Name the 3 Ws. (part points)

Frank WorrellEverton WeekesClyde Walcott11. Connect

People who have cricketing terms named after them.12Who completes this list?Malcom MarshTilak RajDan Van BungeStuart Broad.All of them were hit for six sixes in an over.STAGE 25 questions. Written round. +5 for each right answer.Points for the stage 2 will be told when the question is up.1. Which Indian cricketer is named after him?

2. Nicknamed Zulu because of his fluency in that language, X was a terrific all-rounder. He participated in the now defunct Indian Cricket League, where he was a part of the Royal Bengal Tigers. X is one of the all time greats of the shorter version of the game.X?3.

4. Y holds the record for scoring the most runs in a test innings against India. He is second on the list of highest score by an individual against India in ODIs. Y ran for public office at the 2010 general elections of his country and was elected to the parliament from his native Matara District. He is also known as Matara Mauler. Y?5.Organization founded by whom?

Answers follow..Please exchange sheetsSachin TendulkarLance KlusenerMartin CroweSanath JayasuriyaYuvraj Singh

Stage 2- Man of the Series winners at WCs.LIST IT9 members in the list. +4 for every right answer. There are 3 states/territories which are home to 3 Ranji teams each. List all.Maharashtra: Maharashtra, Vidarbha, Mumbai.Gujarat: Gujarat, Baroda, Saurashtra.New Delhi: Delhi, Railways, Services.

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