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Just as parents are manifestations of True Love for their children and a husband or wife for their spouse, it is important for fathers and mothers to find True Love through their sons and daughters1

Any being or thing does not exist for itself, but for the sake of the larger whole in line with the principle of True Love that wants to secure the wellbeing of all people2

The person who is not living for himself but implements the practice of True Love benefits the most from such an attitude3

The philosophy of True Love is bound to be the leading thought of the future4

Based on applying the True Love principle can we complete all ideals and find ultimate fulfilment5

If we expand the principle of living for the sake of others, we can transcend any kinds of narrow-minded thinking and bring about a society where people live for the sake of others6

Without a doubt, such a society would expand and culminate in a world of perfect True Love that humanity has long hoped to achieve7

If solved with True Love, the world's problems will not seem difficult8

As we walk the way of True Love we cannot help but care for the unfortunate, willingly sharing our blessing with them9

True Love enables us to digest even the worst circumstances;it gives us the strength to love even people who are hostile to us10

Our original authority lies in becomingsubstantialbeingswho radiate True Love 11

on the foundation of applying the principles of True Love Humanity's spiritual recoverywill be fully achieved 12

and serves others first

before receiving from themTrue Love moves us to be the one who loves13

Only by serving and helping others can we go the way of True Love14

as reliable individuals whose mind and body are unitedAs we become the owner of True Love we secure our integrity15

Giving and receiving centered on True Love creates harmony which allows Love to flow freely16

Every person is destined to become an original entity of True Love17

what was given and then investing again, and of living for the sake of others time and time againTrue Love has the precious attribute of unconditional giving and giving again, of investing and not remembering18

True Love Olympic which represents the highest level of competitionBeyond the many disciplines which compete in Olympic Games it is the worldwide19

and it is the source of all values found

in relationships True Love represents the absolute standard of goodness 20

Ownership is ultimately decided by Love, based on the extent to which things are appreciated and cared for by people with a loving Heart21