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When we live wholeheartedly for each other we can turn our families into beautiful blossoms of True Love and the very place where that flower bears fruit1

To practice unconditional Love

secures our achieving lasting happiness and experiencing

ever increasing levels of joy and fulfilment2

The fire of True Love ablaze in our Hearts guides us to lead

a life of giving and sharing between partnersthat is transcendent of national boundaries, ideological differences and any other sort of barrier3

True Love means that I give, forget what I have given, and continue to give without end. It is a proactive Love: when I receive, I seek to give back more4

Families with such sacrificial and noble relationships of True Love will extend their Love to others,creating true clans, true societies, true nations and a true world 5

True Love has incredible P O W E R

of unimaginable proportions. Let us explore them bygladly living for the sake of others6

Parents do not teach True Love to their children by their words or direct instructions

but rather by watching their parents dedicate their lives with True Love for their sake children grow and mature in their Hearts7


the childrens Hearts are developed and perfected, achieving the standard of being able to offer everything for the sake of their parents through eternity8

the child can read his parents minds

and serve them according to their wishes with a loving Heart Before the parents speak,9

We all can be a beacon

of the light of True Love on the mountaintop10

True Love exists for the public benefit; it is a Love that seeks first to live for the sake of the whole 11

It is a Love that invests wholeheartedly

but then does not even remember that it gave while it continues to give with a joyful Heart12

True Love is sacrificial Love, as with a filial son who gains great satisfaction in helping his parents13

When we are bound together in True Love, we can be together forever,

of each other's company continually increasing in the joy14

We need to generate a climate of True Love on this planet15

Among the many causes we may be supporting the most central one is surely the task of fostering the expansion of the realm of True Love16

True Love is far more precious than anything we may gain in life. Nothing is more important17

True Love is humanity's common denominator.

It is decisive that all people become aware of this fact and unite with the Ultimate Source of this most precious value18

Within True Love,

you can fulfill your own unique self because it represents the essence of our being, the purpose for which we are created and the goal we are to achieve 19

True Love is selflessness, to give willingly and gladly without any conditions20

The new cultural revolution which is needed in order to bring about a happy future for all humanity

must be based on the practice of True Love 21