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The Palgrave · PDF file 4 . Palgrave Parish Council . July, 2015 . The last meeting before the summer recess was on 23rd July, we then take a break - from meetings at least, if not

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  • The Palgrave Star 2015,d.ZGU&psig=AFQ

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    The magazine of the Palgrave and District Community Council Registered Charity 269132

    PDCC Chairman: Alan Spoors Vice Chairman: Martin Dyer Secretary Emma Callaghan Treasurer Heather Goddard Membership Secretary Helen Thorburn (01379 651749) Bookings Secretary Susie Dyer (07554 945682) Committee Members: Elaine Bootman, Hugh Bunbury, Emma Callaghan, Susie Dyer, Diane Gibbons, John Gibbons, Di Grantham, Gill Heriz, Jan Hicks, John Kil- gannon, Ted Ling, Lee Lockwood, Jane McClintock, Robert Moore, Jean Potter, Pat Simms, Margaret Spoors. Applications for membership are always welcome. Application forms are available from Committee members, and at the Commu- nity Centre.

    If you would like to advertise in The Palgrave Star, or have material for publica- tion, please contact Alan Spoors at, or by ‘phone on 01379 650639. Please include your name and telephone number. Material will be included at the editor’s discretion.

    The deadline for the September edition is

    Thursday, 20th August

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    Palgrave Parish Council

    July, 2015

    The last meeting before the summer recess was on 23 rd

    July, we then take a break - from meetings at least, if not the ongoing business - until 17

    th September.

    Parish Council Vacancy - there is one vacancy that can be filled by co-option. If you are interested in the work that your Council does please come along to meetings and also speak to any Councillor. Speeding - At our June meeting we discussed the police report about the various sites suitable for operating radar under a ‘Community Speedwatch’ scheme. As noted in the report in the June ‘Star’ we are very concerned that no sites are on Lion Road west of Pri- ory Road or on Upper Rose Lane, both stretches of road where much speeding occurs. On the day of our meeting the mobile camera van was sited in front of the council houses on Upper Rose Lane and it has also been noted in a layby on Lion Road and near the level crossing on Crossing Road. We have written to the police asking why the mobile camera van can be in these places when ‘Community Speedwatch’ apparently cannot. Still no hint of any response from Highways on our Vehicle Activated Signs, applied for in May 2014. HGVs - We decided to continue to press for a 7.5T restriction on both Crossing and Pri- ory Roads. The morning that this was written three HGVs in succession turned into Crossing Road towards the A143, the first of which was a 40-44T articulated lorry carry- ing chilled foods. ‘Access Only’ Road - A meeting has been held between the County Council and the School to discuss options for dealing with the persistent abuse by through traffic and the safety of schoolchildren but your Parish Council was not privy to this. It was 10 years ago that the ‘Access Only’ restriction was imposed and well enforced at the time by the police, but it still remains a problem we are trying to fix. County Highways - We decided to write formally to the appropriate County Council Cabi- net Member to state our frustration with Highways’ lack of concern or action over long- standing issues. BT Telephone Box - Various ideas have been received; many thanks to those who sug- gested them and we will now be following them through. Play Equipment on the Community Playing Field - A joint working party of Parish Council- lors and PDCC Committee members has been formed to progress this. If you have any views on the sort of replacement equipment that could (realistically) be provided then please contact Cllr Elaine Bootman at the e-mail address or telephone number given be- low. Village Sign - Our Blacksmith should be back in place by the time you read this. Very many thanks to Kate Ashington for her brilliant artistic renovation and to the other helpers for their contributions. Next meeting will be held on Thursday 23

    rd July - 7.30pm in the Community Centre.

    Members of the public are always welcome to attend with 15 minutes set aside for any questions. The agenda is displayed 1 week in advance on the council’s notice board by Forge Close and the Palgrave website: where you will find much other useful information. In the absence of a Clerk please contact the Chairman: or tel: 01379 640211


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    Every Friday from 10am - 11am

    In the community centre

    £6 per session

    Great fab dance workout,

    energising and exhilarating!

    Contact Jill on 01379 897055 or 07800639141


    University Campus Suffolk (UCS) is working with police in Suffolk and Norfolk to under-

    stand the public’s perceptions of crime, anti-social behaviour and local policing services

    in their area.

    The online Suffolk and Norfolk Community Safety Survey will be a pivotal part of re-

    search led by UCS. It will ask the public about their opinions on crime and anti-social be-

    haviour, whether they have witnessed this in their local area and their experiences of en-

    counters with the police.

    The results will feed into change programmes currently underway in both counties to

    identify where cost savings can be made in light of government cuts to policing budgets.

    It is part of an approach called Evidence Based Policing (EBP) that is being adopted by

    both police forces as a way of identifying the best way to deliver policing to suit the

    needs of today’s communities.

    This research is part of ‘the Better Policing Collaborative’, a multi university project

    which is being led by the University of Nottingham. There are seven projects running

    over three years; UCS will be looking into two of these, the first of which focusses on

    community safety, followed by the introduction of Masters and short courses in Evidence

    Based Policing.

    The anonymous survey can be completed by following this link:

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    Events at Redgrave and Lopham Fen, nr Bressingham, IP22 2HX August and September 2015

    Guided Fen Walks

    Saturdays - 1 Aug, 5 Sept 10.30am-1pm Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Fen with enthusiast and naturalist John Hill.

    £3 Meet at the Education Centre, no booking required.

    Wildlife Watch Group Saturdays – 12 Sept 10.30am-12.30pm A club for 6 – 12yr olds, £2 Contact or call 01379 688333

    Summer Holiday Activities

    Family Events, £2.50 per person

    Wednesday 5 August, 10am-12noon - Super furry animals

    Wednesday 12 August, 2pm-4pm - Awesome arachnids

    Wednesday 19 August, 2pm-4pm - Pictorial orienteering

    Tuesday 25 August, 10am-2pm - Fabulous flowers

    Wednesday 26 August, 2pm-4pm - Beetlemania

    Children must be accompanied by an adult. Booking essential 01379 688333 Activity Days, £6 per child Tuesday 4 August, 10am-2pm - Wild art Tuesday 11 August, 10am-2pm - Bio challenge Tuesday 18 August, 10am-2pm - Wild fun and games Unaccompanied children only

    Booking essential 01379 688333

    Art Exhibition Sat 29, Sun 30 & Mon 31 August, 10am-4pm Artwork by local artists inspired by nature. Free entry. Refreshments available.

    Adult Courses

    Botanical Illustration Saturday 1 Aug, 26 Sept 10am-3pm Illustration techniques with the emphasis on botanical accuracy, using summer plants. With botanical illustrator, Christine Grey-Wilson £25/£21.50 Booking essential 01473 890089 Introduction to Woodblock Printmaking Tuesday 29 September, 10am-4pm A hands-on course that will introduce you to a range of monotype and relief printmaking techniques. Suitable for beginners. With tutor Glenn Holman. £35, inc materials Booking essential 01473 890089

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    Palgrave Nature Notes For a number of years David Garnham compiled Nature Notes for The Star, based on both his own observations and expertise, and sightings related to him by a number of residents. As David has now retired and moved away to the ornithological hotspot that is the North Norfolk coast, it seems to me that someone should carry on his work here in Palgrave, however incompetent we may be. If there prove to be enough people in the village prepared to help by letting us know what, where and when they see and hear, we will happily compile an occasional series of Notes covering such topics as the flora and fauna (mainly birdlife), landscape and weather trends experienced here in Palgrave and the adjoining parishes. It may even stray into the realms of man's influence, both good and bad, but hopefully managing to avoid becoming too divisive! With this in mind we will be very grateful to hear from anyone with information of recent sightings (say the last two months), associated facts and opinions

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